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Sims in Progress

Huffman Legacy 2.5 Life In Between

Taking a quick breather between generations to see what’s happening with all our Huffmans, especially the twins Elisa and Evelyn. Character Reintroduction.
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ghostcoverA Ghost of a Chance

A ghost and a house, what will become of them when someone finally buys the haunted house and starts to renovate? Based on the Ambrosia Challenge.
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Children From the Stars

An Alien Adoption Challenge. Blaze Jang didn’t get an empty plot of land when he became an adult instead he got a small alien child. How hard can parenthood be? A Pigglewiggle-Drifter Crossover.
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driftercoversmallDrifter Challenge

This is an ever-evolving challenge where each generation has a new goal to achieve before the next generation starts.
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bibliocoverBiblioteque ISBI Challenge

This is a Sims3 ISBI. Generation 4 has begun. So, if you need toddlers or puppies in your sims…
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Short Stories

2016 Sim Forum Short Story Challenge

2015 Sim Forum Short Story Challenge

Completed Stories and Challenges

pigglewigglecoverPigglewiggle Legacy

My first legacy and first foray into writing Simlit. Lemongrass Pigglewiggle and her descendants made the full 10 generations.
Overview | Chapter List (93 Posts) | Score

gettoworkcoverSidelines: Get to Work

In gen five, three Pigglewiggles decided to leave the legacy to explore the new Get to Work expansion.
About Sidelines | Chapter List (25 Posts)

derelictcoverDerelict: A Room Challenge

A room challenge with a twist, Amelia Echo is trapped in a spaceship. How did she get here? Will she ever leave?
Chapter List (10 Posts)


For the Wonderchild challenge, one child gets all the support possible to become the best. This is Adam’s story.
Chapter List (7 Posts)

toddlerchallnegesmall7 Toddler Challenge

The goal of this was to raise 7 toddlers to childhood. Here you’ll find the stars of my other stories in their cutest toddler poses. And one exhausted 10-gen heir trying not to go mad.
Challenge Summary (1 post)

Looking for Something Different?


Explore the land of High Meadow. Not as much a story as a series of updates as this land is built.
Building Updates


Leona Secondborne started as a simple hunter fleeing from a giant. This is my first playthrough of the main quest.
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Read the journals of the brave Nords fighting in their country’s civil war.
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