Bejeweled Score ImageI play this game far too often, here are the strategies I use to score high.

  1. Mute the Music
    The sounds are distracting especially when you get to the final few seconds and they increase the tempo which makes you panic.
  2. Play Fast
    The faster you play the higher the score, especially if you can get the special speed bonus zone. Look for your next play while you’re clicking on the current match. Match gems while the game’s still resolving your last play. Start playing immediately, while the 1:00 is still showing. This’ll get you points before the game begins.
  3. Scramble is your friend
    The boost scramble is good for when you can’t find a play, but even better when the game is slowing down or when a pesky x-bonus piece isn’t anywhere near being matched. Scrambling almost always results in free matches. I tend to use it half-way through the game and in the last 10 seconds even when I see matches.
  4. Get the x2 bonus early
    The more bonus gems you collect the higher every score is. Getting a x2 within the first 1o seconds often results in a high score. Getting up to x6, even late in the game makes the score jump rapidly. The faster you start collecting more points the better.
  5. Cascade plays are good, 4 of a kind better
    Admittedly L-gems are even better and hypercubes are best but they are rare. You can score high without ever getting a hypercube if you’re fast and have a high x-bonus. I always look for 4 of a kind as they are common and  result in a gem that blows up neighboring pieces when played. Never let looking for a good play compete with rule 2 – play fast.
  6. Leave some special gems for the Last Hurrah
    If you’ve got less than 10 seconds left try to avoid popping the special gems for the Last Hurrah. However, do aim to get as many of the x-bonus gems as possible as they help increase the scores in the hurrah.
  7. Know your Boosts
    I almost always pick the scrambler and the mystery gem. The mystery gem sometimes results in a hypercube or L-gem which can make x-bonus cube early on in the game. The free multiplier is nice, but I don’t think it’s worth the price. Occasionally I have games where a detonator gem would be nice, but scramble is similar and more versitile. The 5 second gem sounds useful, but I only add it when I’m rolling in coins.
  8. Play a lot
    Listen to a podcast and just play and play and play and play. It’s the only way to get better at finding matches.