Where have I been for the last week?

I haven’t been reading (or at least finishing books) – no tweets and I haven’t been playing Guild Wars (my previous time-suck computer game) – or even playing any of my phone games I just mentioned. Just over a week ago I was introduced to a new game of doom…Minecraft.

It’s a very popular 8-bit looking game where you “mine” soil, rocks, and gems to build whatever you can imagine all while avoiding the zombies, spiders, and skeletons that spawn in the darkness. Of course, I’ve mainly been playing in “peaceful mode” but that hasn’t kept me from dying.

My first game, a lovely cave/tower system ended in death when the game crashed and I respawned in solid rock that I had chipped away, but the game had forgotten. The tower began up in the clouds and was making its way down to the ground. Sigh.

My current (safe) game has a lovely beach house (I learned from my mistake – plus reinstalled the game to avoid the crashing), an underground garden, long bridge over the ocean to an mining shack with mine. I’m working on lining the bottom level of my house with bookshelves. Papyrus – Paper + Wood = Bookshelves. I’m also working to line the mining shaft with a mine cart system so it doesn’t take me years to reach the lava layer. I’m also working on a giant treehouse. I did die once in this game – when I got completely lost (before I created my compass) when my boat drifted in the darkness of the night. I drowned myself to get back home but hope I will recover the treasure chest I left behind.

My other current (non-safe) game has a carved nitch in a hill to call home. I have died many times in terrible ways to skeletons, and exploding creepers, and spiders. I even died between my spawn point and my nitch, failing to reach safety in time. I do dislike the night. I have not spent the time required yet to have a safe, comfortable, booklined home – or even a decent mine so I can have a compass or a even bow. I want a bow (string + sicks for the bow and feathers + flint + sticks for the arrows)

There’s an ice world as well on my laptop, but it’s on safe mode at least till I:

  1. Get a mouse to play with since I need to be able to right-click – silly mac
  2. Find someway to light the night – no coal in sight only snow, ice, cows, and clouds

Soon I’ll be playing with others as we jointly work to build a beautiful and safe world. I have also helped with our test world by creating a very a long tunnel as well as a deep mine shaft that ends in lava.

If you like building things and exploring them I’d suggest you check out minecraft. It’s not free, but it’s worth every penny of the roughly 14 you spend to buy the game. There are even modifications people have made that allow you to change what you look like and alter the look of the world (someone made the blocks look like legos…).

So, that’s where I’ve been when I haven’t been playing in the snow with my cousins or working. I’ll return to reading soon.