I have a Droid Eris – it is almost 1 yr old. There are several games on it that I would miss terribly and several  that should be deleted without my knowledge and others which it is a good thing that my phone cannot play.

Games I like:

1. Word Mix Lite (Free) – unscramble the 6 letter word as well as find all the other words that are there. I use this daily at bedtime. Anyone solve this one?
OLPBUE – I have all but the 6 letter word figured out. (12 words total from 3-6 letters)

2. Sukodu Free (Free) – For when I’m tired of playing Word Mix.

3. Jewels (Free) – Not quite as nice as bejeweled, but then if it was I’d never play anything else.
Highest Score: 141,790
Highest Timed Score: 146,840

Apps I need to delete from my phone

1. Alchemy (free) – You start with 4 elements and then combine them to make 330 different items. I’m at 214 and have successfully made a car (cart + combustion engine), yoshi (1-up mushroom + dinosaur), robin hood (forest + hero), and tequila (alcohol + worm). It’s a major time and battery suck, but soooo addicting.

Apps I want, but cannot have

1. Train Yard (iPhone only) – puzzle game where you must draw the tracks to take the trains from start to finish – only there are multiple colors of trains and you need to make sure your trains end up the correct color. However Traffic Jam (free) is similar as it is a puzzle solver – but nothing as awesome as Train Yard.

2. Angry Birds (other droids) – shoot the birds in a sling shot at the pigs and try to squish all the pigs – revenge for stealing the birds’ eggs. It looks like so much fun but is not available on a smart phone like mine…maybe if I installed the upgrade…