Our Pyramid built in Minecraft - End of Day 2
The Pyramid - End of Day 2

So, I’m playing minecraft (of course) on a server with some friends. After several weeks my coworker Ri and I decide we should make a public library! On a pyramid!


So we gather our thoughts and then scout the terrain. Ri had already done some initial scouting and there wasn’t much time before bed, so we just confirmed the location and made an attempt at the height of the pyramid. We’re building in the center of the game map in a nice desert that no one is building much in. (It’s the lit square shown above).

How to Make a Library Pyramid:

  1. Smooth stone for the outside (which must be first baked in the oven).
  2. Yellow wool for the library building cuz it’ll look like gold (must be gathered from sheep and then dyed with yellow flowers).
  3. Glass for the elevator in the center of the pyramid (which is sand also baked – baking require charcoal, coal, or lava to heat the oven).
  4. Bookshelves. Lots of them. To make bookshelves you must first gather sugarcane. 3 sugarcane make 3 sheets of paper. 3 sheets of paper then make 1 book. 3 books and 6 wood blocks make a bookcase. Therefore we need a lot of wood and a lot of sugarcane.

Day 2:

After scouting out the terrain we find the centerpoint (well Ri does). Then as she smooths out the surface, I start counting. Our pyramid will be 101×101 blocks at the base and go up 34 blocks before the library. So that’s 50 blocks in each direction from the center point. 1-2-3. I count, she smooths. When it’s dark out we go inside and hide from the monsters. I gather sugarcane and make books, she plants and harvests wood to make the shelves. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. We finish when I have the 4 cardinal points and the first 10 block squares around the center post filled in.

Day 3: (Today)

I now box in the exterior of the pyramid. Ri continues to smooth. At night we make books and gather wool. Then Ri goes to hunt for lava to bake smooth stone faster – a bucket of lava makes a lot of stone. I begin filling in the NE corner of the library. At night I gather wool, and feathers to make arrows to shoot any monsters that show up at night.

We end the night with Ri’s triumphant return and marking of the lava source, and I finish off one corner of the base. We are dangerously low on smooth stone and must bake like crazy now. Oh! and we will probably back the elevator with obsidian Ri made – it’s a nice deep color that must be mined with a diamond pickax.

To be continued….

PS: A matter of scale

In the game we are 1 block wide and 2 blocks tall. Torches have been left on the pyramid every 10 blocks. That is the grid you can see on the gray stone. Daytime lasts for 10 minutes, nights last for 7 – dawn and dusk for a 1 1/2 minutes. We can only work only the pyramid during the day and at dusk else we’ll be killed by monsters.

At the edges of the map three people’s bases are visible as well. They all have very large bases, walled and mostly safe from monsters. This will be an epic pyramid and dominate the landscape.