So, even without me helping, this weekend’s work on the pyramid continued thanks to Ri.

Pyramid with 14 steps complete

She spent the weekend painfully beginning to ring the pyramid with stone while I spent the weekend reading books and NOT touching my computer. Bad me, I know. I must return to work soon.

14 steps means that just under half the pyramid has been built. Unless we did the math wrong. I can’t wait to see what it looks like up close. I’ll take more screenshots to share.

Monsters apparently don’t spawn INSIDE the pyramid – thanks to our smart torch laying, but they CAN jump up the steps and land inside where the sun won’t burn them. Defense is important.

We still have to surround the elevator in glass and I suspect the floor still needs its second layer – as we are leaving unexplored caverns below and we don’t want to be killed by surprise by creepers from below since they can see up through stone. Hopefully by the time this posts, I’ll have done some more work myself. Or at least taken pictures.