So the pyramid is (mostly) done. Ri and I finished placing the smooth stone and the glass elevator down the center. We have yet to line the interior in red wool, but we’re still gathering red flowers.

Our plan was to cover the library with yellow wool so that it would be like a shining golden beacon on the top. We laid the wool floor leaving a two wool gap for fun so that the mosters would rain down into the pyramid at night. Come morning all you had to do was do down the elevator to pick up the pieces.

Then we built a wall – two high so no monsters could jump over and finished off the floor. I spend the first night in the library, the floor littered with torches to avoid spawning death. As morning began to approach I looked out at the sea of zombies and skeletons and creepers that had amassed….

/t Ri, does wool catch fire?

We’re not sure, but we think so being that someone had caught his wool door on fire when he’d set himself on fire by mistake. I left the pyramid as fast as possible and move as far away as possible. Without me in the center of the pyramid, the monsters would have less of a reason to be there right up against the wool we had worked so hard to gather – waiting to burst into flame and destroy our efforts.

Our library now has a lovely glass exterior. you can see the yellow wool on the inside, but at least glass won’t burn.

We are now working on the library exterior and the interior.


PS. I think monsters are spawning inside our pyramid, I’m not sure but the walls must make the edges just a little bit darker. I’ve seen a creeper and two zombies down there, I don’t think they all cam in through the tiny door…