Into the Nether

So better late than never, a few weeks ago a bunch of us got ready to go into the Multiplayer nether. For the first time. The obsidian was already mined (months ago) and so all we had to do was find the location, set the portal and go. Being us, we knew this would be more fun if we were physically all together. The date was set.

My job was to take “pictures” of this event – er…  screenshots. So here’s what happened. And yes, the nether pictures are dark – it was dark!

characters all lined up - ready to go into the nether
Ready for the Nether?!

First we found the perfect location – just west of our cabin-basecamp. Originally it was the farm, but that had since been moved and improved leaving behind a lovely hill surrounded by a fence. Perfect. We dug up from the basement level just for aesthetic and fun and began to set the obsidian blocks. The rest ran around grabbing resources for our journey: leather armor, pickaxes, and meat.

ceremonally lighting the nether portal
Portal Lighting ceremony commences

Once the portal was built we all watched while the portal was ceremoniously lit. Ta-da! And then we were ready…wait…what’s that hissing sound? Oh no! Creeper! Boom! Another Creeper! Boom! As you no doubt notice, we attempted to leave just before dawn. Nothing had bothered us up to this point. Although afterwards we did put a roof over the portal to keep out spiders as we traveled back and forth. They were jumping off the neighboring trees.

after the explosion of the creeper near our portal to the nether

Once our portal was rebuilt and protected from further creeper attack – we finally entered the nether. Immediately we could see we had landed in a different place. But our protective netherrock overhang kept the worst of the baddies out. Mainly the ghasts who left us alone for the most part as we built up our nether-basecamp.

building the basecamp in the nether
Nether Basecamp

If you look closely you can see that there are in fact 2 portals on our nether-side. A ghast took out the fire on one of ours, but luckily someone had already passed back through it to get resources (a chest to hold important things – and some doors to keep our base safe) and when he came back through, another portal opened. Otherwise we may have all been stuck in the nether until Notch made flint and steel mineable there.  Important lesson: ALWAYS have someone carrying fire in case you need to relight the portal. Although we since learned when you die in the nether to respawn outside the nether so it wasn’t as dire as we initially feared.

We ran around at the beginning, gaping at the fiery scenery making our base secure and lighting the darkness around us. Running from ghasts and wasting far too many arrows trying to hit the giant creatures – they are normally much farther away than you think they are.

nether scenery
Nether scenery, complete with distant Ghast.

Then the pizza came and we all rested inside our base – safe from the pain outside – not that we’d really experienced the pain of the nether. But that would come.

characters looking up at the camera during the dinner break
Dinner break

Two of us ended up stuck in a zombie-pigman hell where the pigmen were always mad, and when they get mad, you get dead. Collectively I’m fairly sure they died over 10 times trying to reclaim their stuff. My death, equally tragic pig-man death – resulted in a new nether-related plan! There are plenty of perils in the nether.

Ghast attacking with fireballs in the nether
Peril: Ghast attack!
character on fire in front of a portal
Peril: Setting yourself on fire instead of the portal.
nether scenery with flowing lava
Peril: Rivers of lava

With our fearless leader (the one who runs the server) busy making a sky-road to the the glowstone, several of us decided to take advantage of the distance-quirk in the nether. It took over 10 minutes* GAME TIME to get from our basecamp out to the “new lands” where my hollowed out mountain tower lay. If we were to portal into the nether from there – and WALK to our original nether-base camp the time would be much much shorter. If we could find our way through the nether.

View of the Hallway from mountain to basecamp
Part of the original hallway (10 min walk)
Hallway in the nether
New hallway (1 min walk)

We had the obsidian, we had the fire, we had the time. We did not quite make it to our nether-base camp from my house this night. But this did not stop those of us suffering from minecraft CDO (just like OCD only in alphabetical order – as it should be!) Our humble portal on a hill has become a massive cathedral to the nether. It takes less than a minute now to walk to the new lands through the nether. And various parts of the nether have become…square – courtesy of me.

View of the structure around the nether portal
Cathedral Hill
View of a "sqared" nether


Subtext: I’m playing minecraft, you should too!


*Data for those who care (mainly me). I timed the original hallway and new hallway to basecamp from my home: From the top of my home (12:30) I arrived at the Cathedral 10 minutes later (12:40) – I did have to log back in twice for chunk errors so subtract a minute or two if you wish. But that is the time I took the picture of the Cathedral outside basecamp. Timing it back the new way it was a minute. (12:41 to 12:42). There may be reasons for me to go down hallway A again…but I can’t think of any at the moment. Unless I choose to time just the hallway bits…hmmm


Your two cents,

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