Minecraft Challege

So tonight a bunch (3) of us got together for our Minecraft Challenge – something to keep us occupied while waiting for the 1.8 release and the planned server refresh that will occur then.

The Rules:
Everyone starts with the same seed. Play on easy (not peaceful). No cheating. Post picts of your wondrous creations.
The seed: Wave Race 64 posted on minecraftseeds

We wanted to start all together, because it’s fun playing when others are around to watch you jump and scream “ah spider!” as you return to your mountain lair. And since we’re playing in parallel universes I can know that someone’s building behind that waterfall, and yet see nothing.

Project 1: Making a Base 

I’m not sure how many days I played tonight as I spend most of it in a hole. I scaled up the initial mountain and dug a hole in the wall. This I’ve currently dubbed “Base 1.” I didn’t plan to make a Base 2, but when I left the base one day to get sand and wood, I couldn’t find it again and had to make a second base.

Basically my base is a room with a staircase – Base 1’s staircase leads to a lovely indoor spa that overlooks the valley and ocean. I’m adding glass between me and the world and already watched an awesome thunderstorm there. I say the water is a perfect temperature for bathing, warm and slightly steaming. However it was not what I had planned when I started digging down.

I start most of my worlds in a similar manner – the exception being my last world “Canyon World” where I have yet to dig below the mountain – normally I grab some wood, grab a pickax and make a tiny cave/home somewhere. Then I dig down in a spiral until I hit bedrock.

Base 2 has plans to spiral down to bed rock. I’m close – I found iron – more importantly I found gold and lava so I know I’m close – But the lava opened up into a small cave system that needed to be squared before I descended any lower. And then it was 11pm and time to go to bed.

Sunrise though the rain storm
Sunrise though the rain storm
These were twitchy creepers
These were twitchy creepers
It's not home until it has a door
It’s not home until it has a door
Base One
Base One
My indoor spa
My indoor spa

If you play minecraft and you’re bored – feel free to join the challenge and see what you can do.

Your two cents,

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