The Z-coordinate

Project 2: Drilling to bedrock 

In “day 2” of my Minecraft Challenge adventure. I decided that I wanted to create a shaft elevator down to bedrock. This is not the first time I’ve done this and it makes getting to the surface much faster than my spiral staircase. I found the perfect location even. A nice square room I’d found/made near the bottom that was already partially a shaft. Perfect I wouldn’t have to dig so much.

View of the basement cavern system
All squared and ready for the next project

I carefully wrote down the coordinates: x-131, y:20, z:140.

Back up on the surface I went in search of the top location and found it and began digging by 7×7 shaft. Built up a small wall around the area and then added a lip to keep out the spiders. I’ll have to decide what I want to turn the building into since it is right in front of my mountain base. Then I carefully dug down leaving staircase around the edge.

View from the bottom of the first shaft.
7x7 decent into the earth

Three game days later, I started to worry cuz I hit lava. I was close to the depth of 20 with no sign of the shaft and a lava cave. Odd. Then I hit the depth of 20 and I wasn’t where I thought I was.

It didn’t take long for me to figure out what I did wrong. I had carefully lined up the x-coordinate and dug down to y without paying attention to the z-coordinate. I dug a beautiful 7×7 shaft about 100 blocks east of where I wanted to. The real location of the shaft was in the mountain not next to the mountain!

I dug shaft number two. This time it worked and I reappeared in my underground lair exactly where I wanted to. Minus one zombie attack. Since I had just made one shaft with a staircase all the way down, I decided not to make a staircase at all. So once I started, there was no easy way to get back to the surface. At one point my inventory was completely filled and so I made a box and left it in the middle of the shaft filled with cobblestone. All that was left was to create the ladder/elevator and just for kicks I brought the ladder all the way up to my Mountain base. There’s no need to go outside anymore.

From the bottom of shaft 2
At last, I reached the bottom!
Shaft two complete with ladder/elevator.
Done, at last. Going up?


All the day’s photos:

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