Pt 1 – Adventures of Wulf-Girl

Its been a while since I’ve done a minecraft post – not since August 1st – so it must be time to do one again! I blame the Yogscast for doing such lovely minecraft mod reviews recently. Which made me decide to try the “Better Than Wolves” mod. It adds things like windmills, hand saws, hemp, and companion cube-wolves. (Playing in normal mode – I’ll try not to cheat).

Day One

Mountains to the south of the spawn point
I think these look promising

I arrived today in Wulf and found myself facing a vast desert. Maybe I should have explored this, but off to my right were some very promising and interesting looking mountains. I promise to explore the desert eventually, but right now my priority is shelter. And the mountains look so very cool.

I swam across the small lake that borders the desert and started up the hill on the far side. The higher I went, the colder it got. Although the top of the hill isn’t nearly as high as the mountains nearby, there’s nothing to stop the wind from biting. From up here, however, I can see over the land. To the north is water and mountains, more crazy shapes. I can’t wait to see what I decide to do with them. The east holds a vast tree-less plain and the bulk of the mountain is to the west. I decided to make my home in the eastern mountain since it was smaller.

Mountains chosen to be my future home
My future home on a hill

One tiny problem arose around mid-day when I stopped staring around me like an idiot (it is beautiful). There are only a few scraggly trees clinging to the sides of this hill. The wind is just so strong and cold. I did replant every sapling I found, but it was barely enough to replace the trees I cut down. By the time I finished planting, it was getting late and I rushed to dig into my chosen mountain. I blocked the door off with dirt. I didn’t dare make a door since I knew I’d have to turn some of the wood into coal.

Right now I’m huddled by my stove listening to the winds howl and the creepers hiss. I think they know I’m in here. This may not have been my best idea.

From the diary of the Wulf-Girl

Your two cents,

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