Pt 2 – Wulf-Girl Spiraling Down to Bedrock

I decided to make these more episodic, so I’ve broken the first few days into several posts. These will be a little picture-lite, since I didn’t start writing this until after these first days had passed. I’m using a texture pack I found in the Yogsbox (not the painterly one, SMP Revival). It appears so far to be working with BTW (hemp and hemp seeds are shown – not sure about the rest of the blocks).

Day Three

My Mountain Stronghold Base

I spent several days working to gather the wood and digging out my home a little more. I realized with a desert so near I could make a ring of cactus around my front door to help keep out the monsters. It doesn’t stop them all, but it usually hurts one or two which cuts down on my morning dash and slash.

I made a small bedroom looking over the east so I can watch the moon and sun rise. With the desert so near glass is easy to make – except my lack of coal and charcoal make it hard to process. I did make another window facing east from the foyer with the furnace and the crafting table. From there I can watch the edge of the sunsets. Unfortunately the mountain’s in the way and so dusk happens earlier here than I would like.

Bedroom in the mountain home

I had hoped to find some trees, but I must do with what you give. Normally, I put a chest in the foyer as well, for precious items in case of death, but I’m just having to be careful. Today I started my descent. I like to spiral down to bedrock early on to get the important ores. Normally when I do it from sea-level it takes about two picks, but from up here, it’ll probably take more.

From the diary of the Wulf-Girl

Day Four

Basement of the mountain stronghold

Amazingly, I made it down to bedrock without hitting any caverns OR lava! That hasn’t happened to me in a while and I thank you. I even ran into diamond…but only one small vein of coal. Coal is proving to be a scarce resource, but I haven’t had to resort to making charcoal again yet. Since I need to the wood to make pick-handles, but torches are quite precious to me right now.

I squared out the landing room at bedrock, it’s quite dark down here, the rock gives off some kind of darkness-particle so seeing more than ten-blocks in front is rather difficult. I have several different mining techniques, there’s the standard single wide shaft every two block which I was doing to do, but then I changed my mind. It’s just so very boring. So instead, I mine straight forward until I hit gravel or dirt. Then I mine out the resource and square the room. It’s proving to not only be fun, but also fairly effective. It doesn’t seem like there’s often good resources around the edges of dirt or gravel and when there’s not, then I usually find something when I square the room out. Plus it makes a fun path to walk through with various rooms and pathways that’s actually easier to avoid getting lost than the straight tunnels, plus there’s none of that endless walking straight forward.

I’ve found quite a bit of diamond already! Plenty of iron and even a couple of gold blocks not to mention more than enough redstone. But not much coal, and no lava or caverns yet either.

From the diary of the Wulf-Girl

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