Pt 3 – Farming in Wulf

This entry finally catches up with where I actually am in the game, so expect more pictures and less frequent postings since I have to actually play before I can write more.

Day Seven

The hemp farm on the mountain top
My baby hemp farm

I can’t believe a week has already passed! I’ve been so busy trying to get my house in order. A couple of days ago I went exploring for sheep so that I could make a bed (now that I got shears).  The land around the mountains is pockmarked with caverns and crevices – I was lucky I didn’t fall into one. Many of them had pigs trapped and a few made zombie noises.

Out in the plains I started gathering seeds for my farm, wheat seeds mostly, but I’ve found a few hemp seeds too. I’ve decided to make an indoor farm, but put it at the top of the mountain so that the hemp will grow. It needs light directly above it and I’ve got glass. I can’t believe how much diamond I’ve found so early on! I’ve got 18 diamonds. One I had to make into a music player since the creeper got killed by that skeleton the other night. Guess my cactuses are good for something.

The farm at the top of the mountain
Site of the future wind mill

I did have a small accident last night, I was planning to get my bow all ready then step on the pressure plate to clear the creeper from the door, but I messed up and he took out the front of my house. I quickly rebuilt the wall. Perhaps with it made out of cobblestone instead of dirt, I’ll be a little safer.

I’ve chosen to spiral up to the surface for my farm, but when I got out into the open, I realized there wasn’t a lot of space to grow things right above my base. There was still the top of the mountain above me. So I switched planned and made the farm first, then connected it to the house. That was a trial! I kept digging in all directions but couldn’t for the life of me connect the two spaces! I ended up digging an extra space by accident.

Wheat and Hemp Farm
Farm in full swing

So my farms all up and running – the hemp is growing (finally) it does take forever to get to two high, but once it’s there it’s easy just to take off the top. I’ll be ready soon to make some fiber and start crafting for real. I’ve decided to use that extra space I made below the farm as a crafting room for crafting hemp and grinding wheat and such. I’ll make the windmill on the top of the mountain which will be very cool from a distance and it’ll look nice next to my farmhouse on the mountain top. Even if I do have to repair it every time it rains.

From the dairy of the Wulf-Girl

The Age Of Wood Tier 1: Basic Mechanical Power

Hand Crank
Mill Stone

Primary Goals:
√  Collect hemp seeds
√  Plant a hemp farm
Construct a wind mill

Secondary Goals:
Construct a Cauldron and heat it with burning netherrack
Improve hemp production through the use of light blocks
Find wolves and begin collecting dung

Requirement to move to next tier:
Construct a wind mill.

This information is from the better than wolves wiki. Basically I’m using this as guide not as law. I didn’t make a hand crank or mill stone yet since I didn’t have any use for one until I began to need hemp fibers. Not sure how I’ll get to the nether unless I manage to find some lava soon so that may be a while. Plus it doesn’t look like I have to solve the secondary goals anyway since the primary goal of a later tier IS to visit the nether, so I have time. Also I haven’t found a biome nearby with wolves, but I have plenty of bones for when I do!

Your two cents,

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