Pt 4 – Waiting Wulf

Day Nine

The mill stone work room in the mountain base
Mill Stone and Lever

Hemp takes forever to grow. I’ve managed to set up my workshop just below the farms with a mill stone and the lever required to power it. It makes a terrible clanking noise when it’s activated. So far I’ve milled hemp, leather, and wheat. The wheat went into flour to make bread and the leather is awaiting some dung so I can cure it in a cauldron. I’m going to have to wolf hunting before I can make my saw.

I admit the saw I am looking forward to since it’ll allow me to decorate my home much more interestingly. It’s still very sparse. But to make a saw I need to make a belt and to make the belt, I must first make leather straps which are made out of cured leather.

Diamond Ore, Iron Ore, and Redstone Ore in the basement
Only coal is missing.

On the plus side, I’m 1/3rd done with the wind mill. I had to spend lots of time down in the mines waiting for the hemp to grow, I wonder if diamonds are less rare now – I’ve got 28 of them already and I don’t think I’ve ever had that many before. They seem to be in clumps of six often as well. Basically it feels as if my basement were covered in everything but lava and monsters. This will not make the nether easy to reach.

Tomorrow I think I’ll go chicken hunting again, I’m almost out of arrows and although I have plenty of flint, I haven’t any feathers. The last chicken I killed only gave me a drumstick.If I go to the woods, perhaps the wolves will be there.

Inside the workroom's Chest
First Sail Done

From the dairy of the Wulf-Girl

The Age Of Wood Tier 1: Basic Mechanical Power

√  Hand Crank
√  Mill Stone

Primary Goals:
√   Collect hemp seeds
√   Plant a hemp farm
1/3 Construct a wind mill

Secondary Goals:
Construct a Cauldron and heat it with burning netherrack
Improve hemp production through the use of light blocks
Find wolves and begin collecting dung

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