Pt 5 – Wulf-Girl Again

In the fervor of getting a new computer, minecraft updating to 1.0, it’s been a while since Wulf-girl has had an opportunity to continue her adventures. But now she has returned (in a different world and managed to catch up with her old world).

Day Ten

At last the windmill is done! Blue sails spinning on the side of my mountain home. I finished grinding the last of the hemp only to find out that axles required rope which is also made from hemp. Six axles later and I was read to construct the monstrosity that is the Wind Mill. There’s a “v” cut in the mountains just outside the work room and after creating a ledge from which to work, under the watchful eye of a creeper (“That’s a very nice windmill you have there.”), I connected the last axle and attached the windmill. Since windmills are huge I got several error messages to that effect while I tried to remove enough dirt from below. Until at last. It sprang to life. Huge, creaking, awesome.

Since windmills reportedly spin out of control and break in less than lovely weather I immediately set up a lever switch. Rather genius if I say so myself. I now leave the windmill off, unless I’m actively using it. Which seems like a better idea than rushing to turn it off when I see rain – which at bedrock, I won’t see. The windmill still turns when it’s off, but the mill stone doesn’t make the horrid clanking sound.

It appears that the windmill was finished just as my hemp farm finally finished growing up. Within moments of powering the mill, I have more hemp than I know what to do with. I’ll have to wait for my next activity. I’m thinking of setting up the elevator to a watermill out front.

Since there’s been a few changes I’ll update you on what things look like. From the first “hole in the wall” I dug, you can go down to the workroom where an Enderman appeared one morning, killed me, then teleported away. This is the room with the mill stone that connects to the windmill. To the right is the stairs up to the farm and down to my bedroom and the mines below. The farm consists of the hemp farm a small wheat farm and smaller reed farm that leads to the pig barn. The pigs have an indoor/outdoor situation in the cliff and provide me with essential pork.

Below lies the caverns filled with creepers, mines, zombies, skellys, and riches. My next plan of action is to pack for an overland trip. I need wolves, and a bow wouldn’t be amiss. Perhaps I should make a home for them first.

From the diary of Wulf-Girl

I’m now officially AGE TWO!

Age of Wood: Base Mechanical Power (Tier 1)

  • Construct a hand crank and mill stone. (Done)
  • Collect hemp seeds. (Done)
  • Plant a hemp farm. (Done)
  • Collect and grind hemp to construct a wind mill. (Done)
  • Construct a wind mill. (Done)

Optional Goals

  • Construct a cauldron. (Done)
  • Heat it with burning netherrack.
  • Improve Hemp production through the user of light blocks.
  • Find wolves and begin collecting dung.


Age of Wood: Continuous Mechanical Power (Tier Two)

  • Construct a wind mill. (Done)
  • Find wolves and collect dung.
  • Use tanned leather to construct a saw.

Optional Goals

  • Power your mill stone using the wind mill. (Done)
  • Play with pulleys and platforms.


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