Full of Win!

closeupI did it! I beat Binding of Isaac.

I skipped most of the final level and used a hack I learned from watching YouTube to fight mom. (Thanks Nilesy). But I win! I wouldn’t have if a gold room hadn’t gifted me a beating heart that also gave me full health, or if the final boss room hadn’t been so close to the entrance.

In the end, I had powerful tears and a magnet that grabbed items from anywhere in the room. You can’t see it here, but I also had x-ray vision – which makes secret doors not so secret and you get plenty more stuff when you go in all the rooms, and a poison touch that meant most little monsters just died after touching me. And of course Brother Bobby who helped out when he could.

Now of course, the womb is open. So there’s still more game to play, but you can’t get there until you beat the first final boss.

All-in-all, today has been a wonderful day.

Your two cents,

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