It was an exciting year in Bagelston. Our town is thriving and growing every season. This past spring we celebrated the two births and three coming of ages. ┬áThe mine opened as well as a new gatherer and we’re making plans to begin a town hall soon.

Quarry Sadness

The summer was more tragic as several quarry accidents occurred in a row and we had to hire a new manager who could look into the dangers with new eyes. Because of that our stone reserves aren’t quite as high as we’d like them to be. Old man Ludwighton also died. He’d just decided to take up brewing in our new Tavern but he died before enough plums were harvested for him to start work.

Graveyard of Founders

Late summer brought joy again with three new births. But we were worried as winter approached. Asha, our oldest and dearest citizen was getting weak and sickly and we didn’t think she’d make another year. All of our founding citizen are dying now. Her husband died quite a few years back and she’d been living with her daughter since then. Asha joined him in our cemetery at the age of 78. She’d been a farmer, a fisher, a hunter, and a miner these past years and will be sorely missed. Jonathew also passed away this winter so we’ve lost another one of our founders.

Our last bit of joy came late with the birth of little Corne. So we ended on a high note.

Year 12 Town