Kneehigh Boots

I’m not usually a fan of being a spectacle in online games, but in this case I was willing to try. The Boots clan is a group in Elder Scrolls online that wear no armor excepting boots (and other none major pieces like gloves and such). At first I didn’t think I’d join, but when the idea came up that there may be a reason for the nakedness, I started thinking.

Thus was born, Kneehigh. She’s an Orc Nightblade (assassin).

first pair of boots!

Her first pair of boots were found in the starting region of Coldharbor. (Which has turned out to be great, because I’ve not had a lot of luck with boots as loot.)

Watching LyrisFrom there she has continued onto to Stros M’kai and taken up with pirates. After recruiting several promising members to the pirate team, they’ve now arrived in Betnikh. Kneehigh isn’t wearing better boots yet, but her gloves and weapons have upgraded and I’ve come up with multiple reasons how and why Kneehigh is part of the Boots clan. Until I meet the rest of the clan (if I ever do), I won’t know which reason makes sense.



  1. She was adopted into the clan as a baby and has left to find her fortune upon reaching adulthood.
  2. She came from a clothing restrictive society where showing the least amount of flesh was horrifying. When she reached adulthood she left it all behind and has gone to the alternate extreme. Here she either joined the Boots clan (which doesn’t explain why they aren’t around) or choose on her own to protest her upbringing this way and will be pleased to learn of the Boots clan when she finally meets one.
  3. As an assassin, any amount of clothing would create noise and so she wears as little as possible to increase her sneak. This idea works in tandam with other ideas. She could already be part of the clan, or will become part once other Boots members are located.

Here she is just after arriving on the Orc Island of Betnikh still in her original boots and with her two swords – I’m hoping to get daggers eventually for her.

New boots

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