Craft All the Things!

I’ve been seeking out the perfect “dwarf” game. I adore the idea behind Dwarf Fortress, but you can’t really take a day off without having to relearn the entire system. Then there was “Game of Dwarves” which I thought fun, but didn’t have a lot of replayability. I got bored after playing for just a couple hours.

Enter “Craft the World.” In my mind, it’s Minecraft meets Dwarf Fortress in a 2D world. Most 2D minecrafty games haven’t grabbed my attention. I play Terraria a bit, but really never saw the attraction. Starbound appears to be a better version, but I never bothered to buy it, even when it was on sale (a bad sign). Craft the World wins, it’s gots dwarves!

Day one. Dig a Hole.Yesterday I accidentally played this game for 8 hours. I just never got tired. It took a couple of restarts since I didn’t want to cheat and use the wiki unless I needed to. So it took me 3 tries to get a world where skeletons weren’t going to kill my dwarves, they weren’t going to starve to death, and I had made an adequate home in time for the first goblin raid. My 3rd game lasted 6 hours.

So the 3 things that I cheated and used the wiki for during that time? Not how to punch a tree to get wood, that’s for sure.

  1. You feed the dwarves by placing a table and then dragging food from your hot bar onto the table. (Don’t try to drag the food onto the starving dwarves.)
  2. You get a free totem at level 2. Just place the totem in your dwarves’ home and they will FINALLY go to sleep and heal. You don’t have to wait until you learn how to craft this item.
  3. You pick up water with your bucket by clicking on the tile with water and selecting “gather water.” Not by dragging the bucket from your hot bar onto the water. (I would have figured this out eventually I’m sure.)

I played this for 4 more hours tonight. I think I found a new proper addiction to rival minecraft. We’ll see if It’s still just as playable a year from now.


BTW this game is currently in Beta scheduled to be released in November. It was on a steam sale for $8 when I bought it, the normal price is $15 and I think worth every penny!


Your two cents,

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