Archer, Leona in front of Windhelm's Bridge

Pt 1: Encountering a Giant

In which we meet the huntress Leona Secondborn as she encounters a giant and begins her Skyrim adventures in Windhelm.

Archer, Leona in front of Windhelm's Bridge

I was stalking a goat when I ran straight into the giant’s camp. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there yesterday, but I heard a roar, looked up and saw the huge giant looming over me and quite irritated that I’d invaded his, or her, space. It’s hard to tell gender when there’s a giant chasing you and you’re running for your life.

Goats are my normal prey although I do run into small wolf packs from time to time and if they aren’t deterred by my first arrow, get a second. I was selling the goat hides and pelts in my village for food and necessities, but with both my parents gone, I’d been toying with the idea of leaving. A small village has use for only the barest number of hides and I was running out of people willing to trade. Leaving is always the hardest step. What I learned is that giants make that decision easier.

As I ran, I could feel the heavy footfalls behind me, the ground trembling as the giant gave chase. The area I hunted in was forests will hills and rocky outcroppings and sometimes dense underbrush. I dodged around trees hoping to hear the footstep fade. Eventually they did and I stopped and took stock.

Below me, down a steep incline was a road travelling East to West. I could have turned around and find my way back to my parent’s house. But it seemed like it might have been a sign. West was Windhelm, the biggest city in the area and where I figured I ‘d head to once I was ready.

The road curved north and I checked the first signpost to make sure I was going where I wanted. It wasn’t long after the sun fell when I finally saw the city up on the cliff. I was attacked by wolves just outside, but their skins allowed me to barter for a room for the night. It was weird sleeping here and not in the same bed that I had since I was a child. The next morning after a quick and unsatisfactory breakfast of bread. I got my waterskins filled and headed out of the town to do some hunting.

Windhelm sits perched on the edge of the mountains so it’s much windier than the forests below where I did most of my hunting. It wasn’t long before my clothes were encrusted in ice and snow, but hunting was good. I made my slow way back to the market in town where I found a vendor to buy the meat and skins and then settled into Candlehall, I bought a couple of beers with my extra gold and sat upstairs talking with other travelers and citizen of Windhelm.


*Introducing 500 word mini-stories based on Skyrim characters. Stay tuned!

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