Portait of the first Leona when she spawned into skyrim

Who is Leona Secondborne?

Leona sitting across from a bartender at a Skyrim Inn.Leona Secondborne is named so because she is the second Leona I made. The two characters were practically identical, but when I settled on the mods I wanted to play with, I had to generate a new game and thus create a second Leona. In a way the Leona from this story is my third Leona character since the game bugged out and I was unable to start the Dragonborne quest. My first unbugged saved game was saved when Leona was a level 3 character rather than the level 26 I had gotten to. All but the first part were created with this newest Leona character. She is a hunter from the Whiteshore region of Skyrim roughly in the north-central part of Skyrim.

Map of Skyrim from Gameranx

Early Game Play Pt 1-6

Leona is a Nord huntress much like the hunters that you would meet on the road going after the goats, deer, and wolves that inhabit the land. Selling these furs and hides allows her to buy room and board at the taverns. She runs odd jobs for those she runs into as long as they don’t ask her to do anything illegal. She’s common born and not the type to just walk into a Jarl’s house uninvited.

She’s also not the type to wander into a mysterious cave without reason or attack a highly fortified bandit camp. If someone attacks her (like bandits) she will retaliate. She is not a hero but she’ll do her best if she’s asked to help out.

Skill tree plans: Max Archery and Light Armor. Some in Speech and One-handed. Level Stealth to Deadly Aim skill, and add Smithing and Alchemy as needed.

  • Major Towns Visited: Windhelm, Winterhold, Dawnstar, Riften
  • Dragons Killed: 0
  • Giants Killed: 0
  • Words of Power Learned: 1 (but cannot use)

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