Leona swings a pickaxe in Dawnstar's quicksilver mine

Pt 3: Mining and Message Delivery

In which Leona tries her hand at mining, blacksmithing and most importantly, detecting.

Leona swings a pickaxe in Dawnstar's quicksilver mine

Seren and Rustleif, the Dawnstar’s blacksmiths showed me how to turn my hides into leather armor and how to best adjust the fit. I sold her my worn patched armor and all the iron and quicksilver I mined. Dawnstar has two mines and both were looking for day laborers, especially those who weren’t suffering from the nightmares that were plaguing the town. I didn’t tell them about the dreams I had in Winterhold.

Once my message had been delivered to the Jarl, my new armor equipped and ready for action, I headed back to Windhelm. I stayed at Nightgate Inn on my way back. I told myself I was looking for the barrow that Captain Wayfinder had said he’d lost his cargo and not avoiding Winterhold. How did he manage to mislay his cargo deep in a barrow…? But I must have taken a wrong turn for I arrived in Windhelm without discovering the location.

I found the town in an uproar. Suzanna from the Candlehearth Hall Inn had been murdered at the cemetery, and it hadn’t been the first. Everyone was talking about it, but no one had ever seen the killer. He struck in the dead of night. A trail of blood led from the body to the abandoned house of the daughter of the Shatter-Shields who’d also been murdered. I wasn’t able to jimmy the lock myself, so I had to track down the owner to get the key.

Inside the house looked thoroughly empty. Some pots and pans, chairs and wardrobes. However one wardrobe looked misplaced and when I opened it, exposed a hidden doorway leading to a most gruesome sight. A bloody alter surrounded by the remains of several people, most likely the women who’d been taken or else travelers who wouldn’t be missed. The smell was overwhelming.

From the journals I’d found in the house, I surmised that the murderer was the Jarl’s own wizard. Worried, I found a man at the Palace of the Kings who would listen to what I’d found. Jorleif not only believed me once I’d shown him the notes I’d found, but he also personally went, with several guards to arrest the man immediately. Hopefully that will be the end of that sordid business.

On a happier note, I manged to get Torbjorn to increase the pay for his dockworkers. Although he did it for all the wrong reasons, hopefully the good that comes of it will improve the Argonian’s lot. In the White Phial, the alchemist asked if I could locate and recover an ancient artifact that he’d been seeking his whole life. Now that he finally knew where it was, he was too ill to travel. The location sounded suspiciously like the barrow where Wayfinder’s cargo was. I agreed and headed out at once.

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