I bought Skyrim when it first came out and it was my first introduction to the Elder Scrolls world. I’ve since bought, but not played Morrowind and Oblivion as well as Elder Scrolls Online (which I have played). I played it some, a half-dozen characters of a half-dozen races and then stopped. Skyrim is a bit grittier than many fantasy games, dirt encursted and realistic looking. When I got my new computer – the graphics improved and I tried it again. I made a Nord girl with the thought that she would be a good Dragonborn (the main quest line). Then I stopped playing again.

I thank Briarstone for his Skyrim Rougelike youtube series. He introduced me to the idea that you could mod the game and make it work a little better. I’d always tried to remember to eat and sleep and not fast travel all over, but eventually I’d forget. When I realized you could MOD the game to make you do these things, I was interested. When I realized you didn’t have to start at the beginning and therefore be forced into the Dragonborne quest line immediately, I thought I’d try again. Thus Leona Secondborne was created and her story is one I’m much more interested in than ever before.

Mods I am Using (Nexus Mod Manager)

  • DLC Hearth Fires & Dawnguard
  • High Res Texture Packs
  • Sky UI
  • Character Creation Overhaul
  • Realistic Needs and Diseases (no longer supported)
  • Wet and Cold
  • Random Alternate Start
  • Beast Skeletons
  • Beautiful Whiterun
  • Lush Grass and Trees

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