Leona trains her arrows on two frostbite spiders

Pt 5: Giant Spiders and Vampires

In which Leona continues running messages from town to town encounters her first giant spiders and takes on vampires in the dead of the night.

Leona trains her arrows on two frostbite spiders

So I managed to break into the house where everyone was saying the kid lived. He’d set up this dark ritual with a human skeleton and cow’s parts. I shudder to think of where he got the skeleton and who it was off. He was an orphan who’d been sent to an orphanage in Riften. Apparently he wanted the Dark Brotherhood to go and kill the lady in charge of the orphanage. Since I showed up at his house, he refused to believe I was there to fulfill his wish. I told the kid I’d look into it. I think I should probably warn the lady in case he actually manages to get an assassin to take a contract.

The next morning I headed South. I passed by some Dwemer ruins on the road and got curious. I’d heard a lot about these ancient dwarven mechanists so I snuck into a small outhouses and collected a lot of dwarven ingots to sell to the blacksmiths. They’re heavy but worth a lot more money than anything I could mine. I also found a cool blue glowy thing, but I have no clue what it was. I continued south until I reached the tiny mining town of Shor’s Stone.

Spiders had invaded the mines and everyone was staying out of them, hoping they’d disappear on their own perhaps. They weren’t your everyday ordinary spiders, but large Frostbite spiders the size of a large dog, or worse. I’ve heard of some growing larger than a horse, although the teller of these tales are never too sober at the time of the telling. I agreed to see if I could clear out the mine if I could do so safely. My bow made short work of the spiders and it didn’t take long to root out the last of them. None were the size of horses.

Sylgja asked me to go to a neighboring mine across the mountains to take some letters to her family there. Darkwater Crossing is almost directly west and Riften South, but I agreed even though it was out of my way. The town is just as small as Shor’s Stone, and after spending the night there I headed back to Sylgia to let her know I’d delivered her messages. It was the dead of night when I arrived back and there was some kind of battle going on. My first thought was that the war had made it down here, but there didn’t seem to be enough attackers. In fact there were only three.

It was not the easiest battle to see across the fire, on a cloudy night. Also I may have dipped into my mead stash on the way back to carry more hides since I was still carrying all those heavy ingots. I figured the road would be safe since I’d just passed that way. Despite this I did manage to take down what turned out to be a vampire accompanied by two death hounds. The guards at the mine helped by slowing the vampire down until I had a chance to figure out what was going wrong.


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