Leona stands before Rifton marketplace in her full leather armor.

Pt 6: The Desperate Folks of Riften

Leona enters Riften, a land of folks in desperate need of aid and makes a decision about an old lady.

Leona stands before Rifton marketplace in her full leather armor.
The land between Shor’s Stone and Riften is filled with giant spiders. I lost quickly lost count of how many I killed. A one crossroads a whole group had set up camp and were hunting everything that tried to pass by. A few of them were beginning to approach horse size. I see now why adventurers are drunk when they speak of horse-sized spiders. I couldn’t bear to remember them sober.

Riften is nothing like Windhelm which is cold and uninviting to strangers and very Nord. Riften is closer to friendly boarders and more cosmopolitan. A guard tried to shake me down at the gates and tried to get me to give him coin before he’d unlock the gate. It didn’t take long for me to realize that everyone in Riften seems to need some kind of help. The stable boy needed to clear a debt, an Argonian wanted me to look for gems to make his wedding band, a Dark elf was looking for news of his  heritage, the alchemists apprentice wanted me to get some supplies and two folks were looking for specials salts. That doesn’t count the man who wanted me to steal or horse, or find his ex-fiance, or steal a ring from the market place. Even the Jarl was hoping I could help her figure out who was dealing skooma in the city.

I did what I could while I checked out the orphanage. My plan to warn Grelod was aborted on my first visit. Grelodthe kind they call her, but not because she is kind for she was cruel. I spoke to the other caretaker and managed to talk to a couple of the children as well. Not only does she half-starve the children and work them to the bone, but she takes away the only hope they have by disallowing adoptions. I don’t remember exactly deciding to carry out the boy’s wish, but midnight found me creeping into the orphanage sword in hand. I left even more quickly.

The Jarl had asked me to look at the warehouse where they knew the skooma dealer was based. Taking care of the dealer was just the tip of the iceberg for I found evidence of a greater organization based North of the city. The guards confiscated all the skooma, which was probably for the best. The stuff is supposed to be terribly addictive. But I was curious, other hunters had mentioned that after a long day of work it lifted the spirits and made the heavy load coming home easier.

I compiled a list of things I’d promised folks to do or find, and then headed out of Riften where I was immediately beset by bandits on the road.

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