Simple letter with a black handprint and the words "We Know" below it.

Pt 7: A Voice and a Letter

In which Leona helps people but experiences some dubious consequences to her good deeds.

Simple letter with a black handprint and the words "We Know" below it.

The bandits had boldly taken the fort just North of Riften and I in all foolishness followed the road right into them. I wondered if they were the bandits that had taken the Kahjit’s moonstone amulet, so I went hunting. Instead I found Fjorna. Or rather first I found her husband who’d claimed his wife had been taken by these bandits and would I help him search for his captive wife.  Captive, ha! Apparently she’d run away from his “farm life” for more adventure and now ruled this little band of bandits. She said she’d forgive me for taking out most of her group if I got her husband to go home without her. We concocted a story that she was dead and she gave me her ring to prove it. He believed us and headed back home to where ever that was.

Continuing North to Windhelm I dropped by and took care of the Skooma dealers the Jarl was complaining about holed up with their Pit dogs in some kind of gambling and drug dealing center. When I arrived in Windhelm, I told the boy about Grelod. He was grateful which really felt wrong. I mean, she wasn’t nice and wouldn’t let the kinds get adopted and worked them to the bone, but she wasn’t after me. I killed her not because she attacked me, but because I was asked to and being thanked for that felt wrong.

I went to the library in Windhelm to see if I couldn’t locate the ship  the Riften merchant Brand-Shei had said held a key to his heritage. I’ve never met an Elf raised by Argonians before and his manner was more in line with the rough and tumble lizard-folk than a haughty elf. As I’d suspected, the ship had sunk just to the Northwest and I grabbed my warmest cloak and headed out. The ship was crawling with bandits which by now, is to be expected. They’d set themselves up pretty nicely, and luckily for Brand-Shei and myself they’d not found the chest with a journal stored at the bottom talking about how the man had left his son in the care of a nurse. I’m sure he’ll be glad to know of his parentage.

A strange thing happened when I was looting the wrecked ship, I found a fist-sized gemstone in one of the chests and the moment my hands touched it, a voice spoke to me. The voice echoed in my head like it was spoken from an empty room and shook me to the core, that was a Daedra’s voice. She claimed that now that her beacon had been found, I must go to her temple and restore the light. It was Meridia’s voice the Daedric lady of living energy.

Winterhold was the closest town to where I was, and it was growing late so I foolishly figured I’d spend the night in the inn there. I should have known better. The place was busier than normal and a courier was staying there who had a letter for me that only read “We Know.” That sent more chills up my spine that having a Daedra speak to me.


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