Map of Skyrim from the Jarl of Whiterun's Castle.

The World of Skyrim: Background

For those of you who’ve played the game, this will be nothing new. But if you’re just reading the story and want a little more background than the stories give, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve not played many other games set in this world and I’ve not done a lot of research – if you want that – try a wiki. This will be the bare minimum of words and concepts that will help you understand Leona (she knows this stuff so she’s not going to explain it to us).

A very brief introduction to Skyrim’s Land and History

Skyrim is home to the Nords which are kind of like Norsemen, it’s cold and snowy in the North. In the past, the Nords worships dragons, but dragons were gone from the lands and had entered the world of fable – until now. Now the dragons are back as are those who can use dragon “shouts” or thu’ums  they are called Dragonborn.  The precursor to the game is that the High King of Skyrim (who was pro-Empire) was killed by Ulfric (leader of the isolationist Stormcloak faction – Ulfric is said to be Dragonborn). It used to be that High King was always Dragonborn but this hasn’t been true in ages.

Other races you can play/find in the game

  • Human-esk: Breton, Imperial, Nord, and Redguard
    • The Nords will be at war with the Imperials
  • Elves: They come in three varieties: High Elves, Wood Elves, and Dark Elves
  • Orcs: Exactly what you’d expect from a fantasy world
  • Argonians: Basically lizard people
  • Khajiit: Cat people, they are often dealers of the illegal drug “Skooma” made from moon sugar
  • Werewolves – any race (I think) can become a werewolf if they catch the disease
  • Vampires – any race (I think) can become a vampire if they catch the disease

Words Leona will use (will update as story progresses)

  • Daedra are like gods, they are supernatural entities that live outside of the world
  • Draugr are undead creatures who guard the burial chambers of heroic Nords
  • Dwemer are a long-gone subterranean race (think dwarves) that specialized in science mechanical things
  • Jarl is the name for the leaders of the main towns in Skyrim, the leader of all the Jarls is the High King
  • Thane is a title for someone who is kind of like a deputized warrior for the Jarl

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