Mountain overlooking Whiterun's Stables

Skyrim Game Play

For those of you who’ve played the game, this will be nothing new. But if you’re just reading the story and want to understand the game works and what I’m working with when I’m creating this tale, this post is for you.

Why Skyrim was cool

Skyrim was billed as an open world game, in other words you could just start walking in the game and you’d eventually run across something interesting like a cave that you could explore without having a quest for it. Also it doesn’t have many “invisible walls” which are the annoying invisible barriers that would keep you on the path. Lots of games do this now, but this was the first game that I knew of which let you jump off a mountain or climb down it without a path.


There are main quests in Skyrim. The Dragonborn quest line is one of the major ones where you learn to use your “shouts” and kill dragons, the civil war between the Stormcloaks and the Imperials are another major quest. There are also lots of minor quests. These may take you to some of those hidden caves or ask you to deliver a letter or kill a bandit leader. These miscellaneous quests are Leona’s bread and butter and how I get her from one town to another, especially early on when she’s not a hero or a dragonborn yet.

Townsfolk behave differently depending on how you play. When Leona was asked by the Argonians in Windhelm to broach the subject of higher wages with the patriarch of the Shatter-shield clan, she could choose to pay the wage-increase herself since Torbjorn Shatter-shield didn’t really know her and really dislikes the Argonians.  (This is what my first Leona Secondborn did). Later on, once she’d retrieved an amulet for him and given him some ale as he requested and helped his family out, he was willing to increase their pay because she asked. If Leona were the type to kill people or steal from them, she’d get a reputation, and most likely a bounty on her head, much like the bandits that the Jarl’s keep asking her to kill.

What to avoid when you’re low level

  • Dragons – they will kill you, end of story unless you are or have a tank to help. Look up!
  • Giants – they aren’t hostile unless you get too close, then they will kill you. Avoid the Mammoths.
  • Various Trolls – they will kill you and you probably won’t see them coming.

The Skill Tree – Leveling Up

The archery perk tree consists of: Overshot, Critical Shot, Eagle Eye, Steady Hand, Power Shot, Hunter's Discipline, Ranger, Quickshot, and BullseyeWhen you level you get 1 point to add to health, stamina, or magika. You also get one point to put into a perk tree. As you play to get experience in each skill and then when you have enough you can use your points to gain a particular perk. There are twenty-four perk trees for combat, magic, and stealth skills. How you pick your perks changes how your character plays. Leona is working toward maxing out the archery tree as her primary focus. You need to have 100 xp in archery and have gotten all the earlier perks to unlock the final “Bullseye” perk.





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