Leona standing in the kitchen to her house, behind her, you can see the bedroom.

Pt 10: Meeting my Neighbors

In which Leona shows us her house and neighbors.

Leona standing in the kitchen to her house, behind her, you can see the bedroom.Hello, I’m glad you could come. It’s a little cramped in here, but come in, come in. Take a seat. Can I get you anything to eat? Perhaps a little mead or wine? Her? Oh! Let me introduce you two. This is Iona, she’s my housecarl. Since I made Thane, the Jarl insisted I take her. Bascially she runs the house.

Yes, in here in my bedroom, but downstairs I have a fully functional alchemy lab which is excellent. I’m only a dabbler, but since I’m always outside hunting, I figured it would be useful to collect while I’m there. I have a garden out back where I’m growing some of the more commonly required ingredients.

But here, this is why I love this place. The back porch. Isn’t the veiw beautiful?

Overlooking the Lake in Riften from Honeyside's back porch.

I go fishing back here when I’m home. Not that I’m here very often, but it’s relaxing to have a spot to call my own. If nothing else a place to keep my smithing equipment so I don’t have to carry it everywhere.

Balimund the smith at workAs for smithing, this is is Balimund. He’s teaching me more about leatherworking and lets me use his forge when he’s not. Since I can sell leather armor for significantly more than I can sell hides, it seems right to go the extra step and do a bit of extra work. I can also shine up some of the weapons I find and get a bit more for them as well.

Elgim in his apothecary shop canal-side in Riften.

Elgin’s a bit less friendly. He’s down canal side to keep visitors down, I’m sure. But he takes my potions easy enough and helps me figure out what I’m doing wrong in my mixing. Actually his wife is much kinder so I try to come when she’s running the shop.

Marise the dark elf, next to her wagon of meats

Marise buys meats from me. She’s got a trick with ice wraith teeth’s to keep the food cool and she says she’ll show me it if I bring her some teeth. I haven’t run across many teeth yet, but I’m eager to learn. I’d love to be able to keep my own meets from spoiling.

Dark elf, Brand-Shei tending his stall.

The marketplace in Riften is always quite busy. Brand-Shei is a dear friend of mine. He might have an Argonian name and Argonian upbringing, but he’s a dark elf from House Telvanni.

Madesi the Argonian at his jewelry stall.

Madessi also works at the marketplace. He buys and sells jewelry, so he’s always on a lookout for interesting materials or gems that I might find.

Brynjolf selling his phony potions in the marketplace

There’s a dark side to Riften. I can’t say for certain but I’m sure Brynjolf works for the Thieves Guild. And I’m certain his “genuine Falmor blood elixer” is hogwash, literally. They run the ratways below the canal and everyone tries to stay out of their way. As Thane, I haven’t had much interaction with them, but I’m pretty sure they bully most of the inhabitants.

Well, that’s all the time I have a the moment. It was nice seeing you. Me? Well, I think I’m heading to Helgin to see what’s up. All that talk of dragons when I was in Whiterun. Ever since then, I’ve been dreaming of dragons.

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