Unrelenting force (Fus) word wall in Bleak Falls Barrow.

Pt 2: Dragonstones and Draugr

In which Leona learns a new word, recovers an ancient map and deals with dragons.

Unrelenting force (Fus) word wall in Bleak Falls Barrow.

The Jarl was very responsive to Riverwood’s request and immediately dispatched guards to help protect the town even if it risked annoying the neighboring Jarl of Falkreath. He then introduced me to his court wizard, Farengar who is researching dragons. Farengar told me he knew of stone burried in a barrow that had all the old dragon burial sites listed. That would allow him and others to investigate these sites and learn more about dragons, why they might be back and what to do about that. I agreed to see if I could recover.

Like most abandoned places, bandits had set up camp in Bleak Falls Barrow. Although these were probably there more for treasure than just creating a safe house. Down in Riverwood, Lucan who runs a trading post there, had a break-in and the thieves had stolen a “golden claw.” The claw I learned from one of the bandits there opened the door to inner sanctum of the barrow. He had also been in possession of the claw.

Beyond the door was a huge cavern with a giant stone alter. Like before, as I approached the stone, I heard chanting. Again it grew louder in my ears and one of the symbols on the wall glowed blue. It was seared into my brainthe same way the last symbol was. Nearby this wall, there was a sarcophagus with a Draugr Lord inside who woke as I approached. He had a kind of magical power that blew past me several times in our battle, both time ripping the weapon from my hands. I almost failed to recover my ghost sword since it had fallen into the rushing water. He had the dragonstone which I recovered and headed back to Whiterun.

I did drop by Lucan to return the claw to him, since I’d already used to it reach the inner sanctum, he was welcome to display it as a curiosity in his shop. Farengar was surprised to see the dragonstone I think. He introduced me to a woman named Delphine who’d told him of the stone’s location. In was then we heard a great commotion in the main hall and rushed out to discover what had happens.

A dragon was seen attacking the western watchtower. The Jarl was summoned immediately and ordered guards to the watchtower as backup. I agreed to join them and help fight the dragon. The watchtower was smoking when we arrived.

A dragon flies into attack the western watchtower, which is smoking from previous attacks.

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Extra: Leona the Hero

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