Leona the Hero

Dragonborn – Level 20+

At level 20, Chapter 2 beings and Leons is no longer the simple hunter she was. She is a Thane now and somewhat of a hero. I decided to make Leona be Dragonborn and go down this quest chain since she’s a Nord and it would make sense. Also I’ve never gone past the first part of this main questline. So I’m curious to see what happens. Normally until you start this quest, dragons won’t appear in Skyrim (at least not as often). Encountering a dragon at a lower level, scared me so I was happy to wait a while before starting. It was inability to start this quest with my previous Leona that meant I had to restart with Secondborne.

As Leona levels up, she’s more of a hero than a hunter although if any goat is foolish enough to walk into her path, she’ll take it out. Starting around level 15, she stopped fearing walking into caves for no reason, although she does still avoid them until she had a quest. But she doesn’t feel wrong for killing lots of bandits, just innocents. And if someone says “back off” she will unless she has reason to be there. Once she became the Thane of Riften, she’s more the type to seek out a Jarl and ask if there’s anything that needs to be done.

She’s not going to turn down the pithy, miscellaneous quests like delivering letters, but she’s looking for the bounties on bandits or missing treasures.

Skill tree at this moment: Archery, Stealth, Light Armor, Speech, Smithing, One-handed.

  • Thane of: Riften, Whiterun
  • Dragons Killed: 3
  • Giants Killed: 0
  • Words of Power Learned: Fus Ro – Unrelenting Force, Wuth – Whirlwind Shout

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