Attacking the downed dragon with arrows.

Pt 3: Dragonborn

In which Leona fights her first dragon (of many) and is summoned by the Greybeards at High Hrothgar.

Attacking the downed dragon with arrows.

The watchtower was under attack from the dragon when we arrived. The dragon circled overhead, pausing now and again to breathe fire down on us all. I switched to my best arrows and did my best to help take him down. It is with no small pride that I am fairly certain the killing blow was done by me. We approached the down dragon cautiously, it was quite large and if it wasn’t really dead, it would have made quick work of us all.

But even as we approached the dragon’s flesh began to burn away until nothing was left but bones. Heat rushed around us as the dragon disintegrated like a whirlwind. The warmth pressed against my skin and seemed to melt into me. The guards around me claimed that the light from the dragon had rushed into my body. That I had absorbed its soul.Fallen dragon's skin turns to fire and begins to melt away.I was not convinced. They called me “Dragonborn” and claimed that I should be able to “shout” in the dragon’s tongue. Although I didn’t feel very different, a buzzing seemed to be growing in me, as if something inside wanted out. The blue symbols from the wall suddenly reasserted themselves and I back up a step.


It burst from me almost unexpectedly, causing the air around me to tremble. That was what the draugr from the barrow had used to disarm me during our battles. The guards looked at me amazed convinced now beyond a doubt that I was indeed Dragonborn. I would have though it utter nonsense if, when returning to Whiterun, the very hills shook with a loud shout like thunder. It came from the  mountains nearby. It came from the Greybeards at High Hrothgar the guards told me.

The Jarl seemed to agree and said I should travel there and speak to the Greybeards, that they had summoned me because I was Dragonborn. That they could train me to use my voice. The best way to get to High Hrothgar is from Iverstead, so I headed back to the small village and then headed up the 7000 steps to the top of the mountain. It was snowing when I arrived in Iverstead, and before I’d gone too far, a terrible blizzard raged at me.

Snowy path up the mountain with 7000 steps.

The going was slow. And in the blizzard, quite dangerous. Wolves, I’m used to and could handle, but an Ice Wraith attacked me out of the cover of winds and a Frost Troll had made it’s lair almost directly on the path up. Eventually I arrived at the mountain top and the monastery that stood there. Opening the great doors was a release to get out of the winds, but the silence inside the building was almost as oppressive and the winds outside. I wasn’t sure they wold, but soon after I entered, the Greybeards arrived.

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