Leona Secondborn arrives at High Hrothgar to learn about shouts and what it means to be dragonborn.

Pt 4: Way of the Voice & Unfortunately

In which Leona learns what it means to be Dragonborn, learns some new shouts and encounters a series of unfortunate events.

Leona Secondborn arrives at High Hrothgar to learn about shouts and what it means to be dragonborn.

The Monastery is a huge stone complex on the Throat of the World where the Greybeards live close to the sky and study the Way of the Voice.  All those at the temple can use the voice to devistating effect, according to them these shouts are in the dragon lanaguage and a duel between dragons is half-battle and half-debate. Since I absorb the souls of dragons when they are killed, and can shout without the training and dedication the Greybeards require. Although I learned FUS from the word wall, I required the knowledge held in the soul of the dragon to unlock it. By inscribing the words on the ground and then sharing their knowledge with me, the Greybeards were able to teach me two new shouts.


RO is the second part of the Unrelenting Force shout that begins with FUS, it allows me to push my enemies back if they get too close. And then WUTH allows me to rush forward much faster than a Nord should. The Greybeards said I can learn more words from the word walls which are inscribed with the Dragon language that explain each shout. I’ll still need to either study or absorb a soul to use it.

After several days of training, the Greybeards asked me to recover a Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, an artifact from the founder of the Graybeards. Once the artifact is recovered they will be able to perform the ceremony that confirms me as Dragonborn. I traveled back to Whiterun to prepare for my journey North to Ustengrav the barrow where Jurgen is buried. In Whiterun the innkeeper said the Jarl had put a bounty on the giant had been terrorizing the neighboring farms and travelers around Whiterun. I figured I could check it out since the giant’s camp was on the way to the barrow.

The bounty forgot to mention that there were TWO giants at the camp. Perhaps this was an oversight – or perhaps the giant had joined the first. I figured I could take one giant, but that would just annoy the second one and I don’t think I’m fast enough to take out two giants. Skirting past the camp, I continued north grateful to avoid that almost certain death. Only to run into more death.

Dragon flies overhead, while Leona hides in the foothills

Adragon swooped low over the plains! Probably the only thing worse that two giants. It was attacking some fortifications, probably filled with bandits. I hid amongst the trees as I hit the foothills only to run straight into another giant! He didn’t see me and I crept across the foothills watching the bandits below attacking the Dragon only to run into a bear! A bear however, I can handle and I took out the bear. The dragon was wounded, but as it flew over the foothills it finally spotted me again. Damaged as it was by the bandits, I was able to kill it and absorb its soul.

Dragon has landed, the attack is almost complete, and the dragon dead

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