Line of power appear as Leona absorbs the soul of the fallen dragon.

Pt 5: The Missing Horn

In which Leona discovers someone else knows she is Dragonborn and has contrived to meet her.

Leona crouches near a downed frost troll in Labyrinth.

Ustengrav is a large complex. I reached by by passing through the Labyrinth again. The Frost Trolls are quite well setup there and I’ve yet to pass through without finding two or three trolls. Ustengrav itself was the scene of a battle between some bandits and necromancers. I pretty much sat back and watched them fight and then snuck by the few that remained. Deeper in Ustengrav was a huge cavern.

Overlooking the depths a mist and moss filled cavern.I found another word wall at the base of the cave among the multitudes of traps and using my new Wirlwind shout I was able to make it past the traps and into heart of the barrow. Someone had been there first, that was clear. And made more clear when, instead of finding the horn, I found a note address to the “dragonborn.” Apparently someone had taken the horn and wanted to talk to me. The note told me to rent an attic room in the inn in Riverwood.

There I met Delphine, the woman who had been looking for the Dragonstone with the Dragon burial sites. She’s one of the Blades who were an ancient group who protected the Dragonborn emperors as well as accompanying those Dragonborn who were dragon slayers. She had known the Greybeards had summoned me and wondered if I was really a Dragonborn.

According to Delphine, something or someone was raising Dragons from the dead. The real reason she’d wanted the Dragonstone was to find these burial locations and claimed she knew where the next dragon would rise. Together we raced to Kynesgrove where a dragon burial mound was located just outside the town. When we arrived here, the town was in an uproar. A huge dragon had been seen flying overhead toward the burial mound. We ran up the hill to the mound.Alduin raises the dragon from the burial ground with a shout.

When we arrived we saw the dragon speaking to the mound – he seemed to be speaking the the dragon, and then his voice raised the dragon from the dead. The dragon turned to look at me and dismissed me as Dragonborn since I didn’t understand the tongue beyond the few shouts I knew. He set the raised dragons to kill us and flew off. Delphine and I were immediately attacked by him.

When the dragon was killed and Delphine saw me absorb the soul, she told me she’d answer any and all of my questions. She suspects the Thamor are behind the Dragons and they’ve been an enemy of the Blades for generations. She gave me the horn back and said that she’d be waiting for me at her inn in Riverwood when I was ready to help her figure out why and how the dragons were being revived.

Line of power appear as Leona absorbs the soul of the fallen dragon.

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