Gone Home (Gift from a friend)

First person exploration game. I played this just yesterday – it’s a quick game as it only took me 2 hours to finish. But it’s really a story more than a game. You arrive home and must discover (point and click-like) why no one is there to greet you. It only took me 1 hour to stop worrying that the storm outside was going to cause a power outage, or something spooky was going to happen.


I wanted to finish my Elder Scrolls mini-set since I have Morrowind and Skyrim, I “needed” Oblivion. It was on sale throughout, but I kept from buying it until the last day to make sure it didn’t go on a super sale. Or if it did, it was in a flash sale that I missed and not the daily sales.


I’ve watched Briarstone play this for a while now in some of his streams. It’s a Rogue-like games where you are an adventure going through a dungeon, killing things and finding loot. Feels like your basic Dungeon crawler but with a lot death. PS – If you watch Briar’s video (below) – I, Raerei, am the star of one of this adventure.

Cook, Serve, Delicious!

I’ve been waiting for this to go on enough of a sale to purchase. I bought the iPad version months ago and loved it. I’m not usually into the whole restaurant management game idea – but there’s enough of a challenge in the food preparation and the whole menu management keeps the game fresh. Highly recommend this. If you’re interested, watch Nilesy play it on Youtube!

Assassin’s Creed

It was $5.00 and I had been playing on a friend’s copy of the game, I figured since I have 2 and 3 on Steam already, I should complete the set. So yeah….


I hadn’t really wanted FTL until I watched Briar’s birthday stream and got to see it played, not just the screenshots. Nilsey streams the game as well, but I haven’t watched his videos. I’d heard really good things about it, though so once I saw how the game worked, it was an easy sell when it went on sale.

Stanley Parable

This has been on my wishlist waiting for it to hit the under $5.00 mark. Which is my current ideal price for a game I want, but don’t want to play immediately. This is another first person adventure, I think. But it’s got some cool narrative and I heard good things about it. Haven’t played it yet.

Worms Reloaded

I think I have enough friends to buy this game (for cheap) and someday play it. For now, I must learn how to do that. I’ve made my worm team (the Bibliophiles) and named the worms after classic women SF authors and gone through the tutorial. Basically you have a group of worms who try to kill the other worms on the board with bizarre weapons. It’s fun though.

The Witcher

Briar waxed poetically about this game one night while we were playing ESO and I figured since it was cheap, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up the first one and see what it’s like. It’s a fantasy RPG type game where the choices you make affect the world. I liked that it said there wasn’t black-and-white morality. Fantasy too often makes morals simplistic.


Another Fantasy RPG type game that looked pretty and was cheap. Yeah – the sale got to me.

Dishonored & Bioshock Triple Pack

These I bought because not only do they have my two favorite story-lines of 2013-2014 and they were cheap. But I bought them thinking my dad may want to play them. So, that’s my excuse! Or maybe I will want to play them. I watched Rythian’s playthroughs for all of these games and FrozenFoxy’s playthrough of Dishonored.

RPG Maker VX Ace

This was on super sale right before the Steam Sale and I regretted not buying it. I’m not sure why that was, but when it went on sale again, I figured I’d rectify that problem.

You Need a Budget

Not a game, I know, but…well I’ve not quite warmed to Mint and figured even if I never use it, it wouldn’t hurt to play around with it. Especially after the steam sale.


Other Accomplishments

  • Broke 100 games – I now own 103 on Steam
  • Traded my first Steam Card!
  • Crafted my first badge! (It was the Rogue Legacy Badge)
  • Reached Level 9 on Steam…no sure what this says about me.