Leona stands in the center of four Greybeards, arms outstretched in the ceremony of acknowledging a dragonborn.

Pt 6: Ceremony of Shouting

In which Leona experiences a variety of powerful voices and practices her espionage.

Leona stands in the center of four Greybeards, arms outstretched in the ceremony of acknowledging a dragonborn.I returned to the mountaintop, the 7,000 steps much easier this time around. Perhaps it was the fact that there wasn’t a blizzard. I placed the supplies Klimmick had asked me to deliver at the drop off point and re-entered the monastery. The Greybeards accepted the horn as final proof that I was worthy to be called “Dovahkin” or dragonborn and begun the ceremony.

It wasn’t long, but the combined powers of their voices was an assault to the body even more than an assault on the ears. My brained buzzed for days after. The Greybeards aren’t very talkative even after they’d accepted me and welcomed me into their home. But they said they’d help me locate more word walls so I can continue my training in the voice.

I met Delphine back in Riverwood. She claimed the best was to learn what the Thamor knew was to infiltrate their stronghold and the best way to do that was to attend a party there. I’m not one for fancy occasions, but I agreed to meet her friend in Solitude and do what I could.

I wouldn’t say the plan went without a hitch, but it didn’t go as bad as I feared. The guards accepted my invitation as legitimate and Delphin
e’s friend slipped me through the back door and to where he’d stashed some essentials. Down in the Thamor jail, I found a man from the thieves guild being interrogated.

Despite Delphine’s belief’s the Thamor were just as clueless as to why the Dragon’s were returning. But they had discovered that the thieves guild was protecting a lore master who might know more.

Just as I was releasing the poor man, Thamor appeared chasing Delphine’s friend and we were found out. So the idea of doing this in secret, was scrapped and we exited as quickly as possible. I fear the Thamor will be looking for me in the furture.

The three of us were headed back to Solitude when I felt a strange vibration from my bag moments before pain bloomed in my skull as a voice echoed in my mind. The force of it threw me to my knees. I thought it was the Thamor caught up with us and urged the other two to run.

Look at my temple, lying in ruins. You are my champion. You will enter my temple and destroy the defiler.”Statue on top of Meridia's temple of a winged woman, arms raised. Behind her lays the distant mountains of Skyrim.

That’s when I realized it wasn’t some Thamor plot. I remembered I’d heard her voice before when I’d first picked up the gem-stone from the sunken ship. It was Meridia and I was near her temple. Except I’d left her beacon behind when I’d infiltrated the party. Somehow when I looked – it was back.

I couldn’t continue down the mountain the safety of Solitude. When I tried to pass the temple, the gem grew heavier and heavier the pressure in my skull became almost blinding. This eased the moment I turned to the temple. Despite my fear that the Thamor were following us, I was forced to ascend the steps to Meridia’s temple.

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