Leona blocks with Dawnbreaker a sword whose pommel glows with light.

Pt 7: The End of the World

In which Leona helps a Daedra and reunites two remaining Blades under one roof.

Meridia floats Leona above Skyrim. This is a view of a nearby fort.Once placed, the beacon emitted a strong blinding light so bright that within moments I had to close my eyes they were watering so badly. When Meridia’s voice came again, I opened my eyes and was stunned to find the entire land of Skyrim below me. I didn’t feel as if I were floating, I felt solid stone beneath my feet. But it was a magnificent illusion. The Daedra’s voice came from a miniature sun.

She explained how darkness had befallen her temple and how I had been chosen to cleanse and restore the light. In exchange she’d give me an ancient powerful artifact. Captive as i was and potentially miles above the ground, I couldn’t really disagree.

I sickly purple smoke filled the temple and as I guided the light Meridia sent me through the temple the smoke was dispelled. Hidden within the smoke were wraiths. But eventually I arrived at the heart of her temple. A necromancer that had set up shop there and I had to kill not only him but his shade and several more wraiths before I was released by Meridia and able to leave the temple.

Leona blocks with Dawnbreaker a sword whose pommel glows with light.

Dawnbreaker, her artifact, turned out to be a flaming short sword which actually might come in handy in close quarters when my bow is less useful.

When I finally returned to Delphine, it was several days after the infiltration of Thamor embassy. I gave her the journal and let her know that the Thamor had nothing to do with the dragons’ return. She suggested I return to Riften to see if I couldn’t locate the Loremaster who was hiding there. Preferably before the Thamor did. I agreed and returned home.

Brynjolf was in the marketplace as normal hawking his “genuine Falmor elixir” as I suspected. I figured if anyone was hiding the loremaster, or knew where to find him, it would be the Thieves Guild. He tried to convince me to help him with his latest scam to frame Brand-Shei and put the dark elf out of business, but I managed to convince him to leave me out of that  (Brand-Shei is a friend) and he confirmed that yes he knew where the Loremaster was.

The Thamor had also determined that the Loremaster was in the thieves sewers, but luckily Brynjolf was kind enough to tell me where, so I was able to locate him before they did.  He was a bit suspicious at first and then all “end of the world” doom saying. But once I got him talking it seemed that the dragon’s return does herald the end of the world, but it can be stopped. By me.

Talking to Esbern in the Ratways.

That’s a lot to put on one person’s shoulders. Esbern and I traveled together back to Delphine to see what our next steps should be. According to Esbern there’s a wall that holds all the knowledge of this end of the world that the Blade’s have accumulated and Esbern is the only one who knows where it is. We’ll be heading there soon.

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