I love this game. It’s simple to start and yet challenging enough to keep playing. I’d bought the iPad game first and played it for a week or two solid. I would highly recommend it.

Quill18 played this for a Let’s Try and it was features in an Evening with Sips around the same time. I’m not sure which one I saw first. Then in January Nilesy started playing this as a weekly video feature. If you’re looking for a humorous video series (complete with Scottish accent), you’re in for a treat. They have such titles as: One Burger Hold the Burger, Food is OFF the Menu, and Bacony Bacony Bacony.


Practicing to serve fish on the PC, the knife filet the fish.You start the game as a no-star restaurant serving corn dogs and pretzels. You can get up to 5 stars with enough dedication and time. Everyday you must plan the menu and the daily specials. Your menu and how you did the day before affects the “buzz.” The higher the buzz the more people come to your place.

Food items have detractors and bonuses. For example the fish (one of my personal favorites) gives you a -5% buzz in the morning because of the smell. Steak and wine earn you more money, and corn dogs can’t be sold in 3 star restaurants.

Most food can only be served for 2 days before the people get tired of it and it gives a negative buzz. So the menu has to change a lot. There’s also rainy days when some food sell better (ice cream and baked potatoes!) and others that in combination will add or remove buzz – too many fatty foods will hurt, but lots of take-out dishes are a good idea.

Then there’s the two rush hours for lunch and dinner and watch out out if you don’t have some quick easy foods to move the line along. Some of the foods are super easy like the chicken, hit it six times to tenderize then season. Others are almost as complicated as real cooking, like the soup which has pages of ingredients that you must slice and add. Make a mistake and there goes your perfect day and the money bonus with it.

With the money you earn you can:

  1. buy more types of food
  2. upgrade the food to better quality
  3. buy required equipment to cook the food
  4. buy accessories to help the game (like a tip jar)

To add to this base game you have several challenges you can do to earn more money, amusing emails to read that appear daily in your inbox, and more I’m sure.

Platform Comparisons

Since I have both the iPad and PC version (thanks to the steam sale). I can safely say that the play style is affected by the platform although the game is awesome and works well either way. You can even use a controller on the PC although I think keyboard would be easier.

  • On the iPad, it’s very simple . To cook the fish you first swipe three times on the fish to cut off the head, tail, and fillet. Then you tap the spice on the left panel to season before tapping “cook.”
  • On the PC, You hit the up, left, and right, arrow keys to cut the fish (and yes, you can hit all three at once). Then you type “s” to season and “enter” to cook. Even faster than the iPad.
  • With a controller, you  rotate the joystick to cut the fish and then ‘x’ to season. The left and right triggers are used to send orders to cook and select orders to prepare but it is a little more awkward as you can’t just jump to the order number you want.

Some things that are easy on the iPad – like throwing out the trash are more annoying on the PC and vice versa. I hate washing dishes on the iPad.

Overall I feel like the keyboard may be the fastest in the end. You can memorize that you type BOMG when they order a salad with everything on it instead of tapping four ingredients. But the iPad has the quicker learning curve since you just hit the pictures.

My Ideal Menu

Daily menu planning: Fish, salad, coffee, chicken, breakfast sandwhich and beer.I’ve mainly played on my iPad, since I just bought the PC version. I’ve reach played 59 days and gotten my 3-star restaurant. My favorite menu combinations are:

  • Beer. Easy to pour and quick to serve
  • Coffee. Easy to pour and isn’t ordered during rush hours.
  • Fish, Chicken, or Steak. Pick any two – I like rotating between these.
  • Salad. It’s a staple item so it never goes bad.
  • Ice Cream. When it’s raining for sure, sometimes when it’s not. Breakfast sandwiches for when there is no ice cream.