Giant floating tentacle things, apparently they are Netch.

3Pt 2: Orcs and Boats

“In which Leona meets an Orc and takes a boat ride.”

Miraak’s cultists werefrom Solstheim which isn’t in Skyrim at all, but a part of the neighboring country of Morrowind, the dark elf homeland. The only way to Solstheim is from Wind
helm on the opposite side of Skyrim from the Blades’ temple. I made fairly good time, but the journey still took several days. On the way I met a community of Orcs and with them a young Orc warrior named Borgakh. She was eager for adventure and bored of waiting for her father to determine who she would marry (as is Orc tradition). The community was willing to let her come with me to prove herself in the meantime.

Borgakh crouches outside a cavern, ready to lend a hand.

So it was with young, that I entered Windhelm. The town has hardly changed, and yet it feels so different. An eternity has passed since I first stumbled into the town, a young hunter from a small town, carrying hides and meat to sell for my supper. I’ve changed since I first agreed to help the young boy who was performing the dark sacrament in order to hire an assassin. I still worry the brotherhood will reappear someday without warning and demand I kill for them a second time.

I found the boat to Solstheim, but the captain was at first unwilling to travel back to Morrowind. The cultists had apparently boarded and then several days later, the captain and ship arrived in Windhelm  with no memory of the journey or sign of the cultists. Eventually he agreed if I’d pay double passage for myself and Borgakh. Morrowind looks nothing like Skyrim and although Solstheim is on the edge of the two countries and is snow covered the land is filled with ash from the volcano and that produces strange plants and animal life.

Giant floating tentacle things, apparently they are Netch.

The housecarl or admisistrator is quite suspicious of strangers and questioned us closely when we arrived. I’d wish he’d been as forthcoming and we were when we asked about Miraak. But he, and everyone else we asked, were quite vague about it. They all claimed the name sounded familiar, like something from a dream, but no one could say much of anything beyond that. At the edge of town we found a very strange sight, several villagers were working on building a large monument, but they refused to speak with us. It was like they were religious devotees or something for all they would speak were chanting riddles. It was there we met a dark elf named Neloth who was investigating the construction site.

He agreed that the villagers were acting odd, but rather than do anything about it, he was content to watch and see what they created in the end. He did however remember Miraak. Apparently the man was some sort of dark overlord thousands of years ago or something and was dead. Perhaps this is a different Miraak I seek. Supposedly he had a made to honor him when he was alive that was somewhere to the North. I’m not sure how that will help me locate this other Miraak that claims to be dragonborn, but perhaps I’ll follow it up if I don’t learn anything else.

Forced temple construction on a stone pillar of clearly magical origins.

I did meet an old man in town who was hunting for his grandfather’s remains hoping to vindicate his family’s honor. I agreed to help by exploring the mines for his grandfather’s remains. It was late however, and so Borgakh and I returned to the Retching Netch ( yes, the innkeeper called his inn the Retching Netch) for the night. I learned that Netch were the animals I saw floating near the water just outside of town. That night was when all my plans went totally astray.

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