Warming up at the fire - moments before the game warned me "you are freezing to death."

3Pt 4: Blizzards and Dragons

“In which Leona battles blizzards, dragons, draugr, and has something precious stolen from her.”

Frea and her father protect the village of Skaal from Miraak with magic.

Frea’s father was not far from the temple, in the tiny village of Skaal which had been besieged by Miraak until all but five were left free from his influence. The rest labored to imprison the nearby wind stone in stone bands of magic. Her father was quite free with his knowledge despite our lack of progress in defeating Miraak at the temple. Since I too am dragonborn, he thought even if we did nothing to physically harm Miraak we could use my powers to free the villagers from his control and that perhaps that would weaken him. I agreed immediately of course.

I spent the night in the village to prepare for a journey North to a word wall that should hold a shout that would help break the stones holding the power of the Wind Stone captive and by destroying the cage it should free the people.

Borgakh and I woke to a howling blizzard to greet us on our journey, but donning our warmest cloaks we decided to brave the winds and head out. We weren’t sure how much longer the few remaining villagers could hold out from Miraak’s control. It was bitterly cold. The wind stripped our body of warmth almost as soon as we stepped outside and the going was slow up the mountain.

Biting blizzard winds half-obscure the landscape on the way to the word wall.

I wasn’t surprised to see a dragon circling the temple where the word wall was said to be. Dragons always seemed to be where the wall were, either them or their dragon priests. The Draugr in the temple actually helped us defeat teh dragon for by now my hands were numb with cold so that I could hardly draw my bow. But when the time came to absorb the soul – Miraak was suddenly standing beside me.

The soul’s power went to him and once it was gone, Miraak was gone as well. Borgakh and I huddled in the shelter of the temple walls and finished off the remaining skeletons before we ventured to the wall itself. It did not take long for the word to burn its way into my own soul. A shout to shatter stone.

Miraak thanks Leona for the tasty dragon soul.

We returned to the village. The way back seemed twice as long and twice as cold, and I didn’t know how anything could be colder than that morning’s journey. It was beyond cold and we just managed to put one foot in front of the other and trudge, eternally back to the village. By that point I couldn’t think of anything, including the cold, and I have no idea how I made it back.

Frea and her father rushed us inside the great house and we slowly warmed up. Eventually we were able to speak again and tell them we’d succeeded. That is the last time I’m willingly going out into a blizzard.

Warming up at the fire - moments before the game warned me "you are freezing to death."

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