Neloth's dwelling consists of three mushroom "homes" that are as tall as mountains.

3Pt 5: Mushroom Hunting

“In which Leona discovers mushrooms can grow taller than trees and that danger comes in threes.”

The Wind Stone of the Skaal is almost completely encased by Miraak.

The next morning, we headed to the Wind Stone to see if the new shout could help free the stone from the prison that they were building. Unlike the half-formed one in Solstheim, this one seemed almost complete, the stone blocking the stone from view completely. According to Frea  and her father, the entire town was enslaved by Miraak and working out in the cold. I’m surprised they didn’t die of exposure.

The shout worked like a charm, but when the stone prison fell a huge dark creature appeared. The Skaa scattered and Borgakh and I fought the monster. It looked familiar, I’m fairly certain I saw those creatures with Miraak when I read the black book and was transported to his realm. How did it get out here into the real world? I thought we’d see Miraak again, now that we’d taken out one of his buildings, but perhaps it didn’t hurt him enough. I look forward to freeing the rest of the elemental stones from his grasps.

The Skaal were grateful to be set free although Frea’s father, who is the Shaman, wasn’t able to help me as much as I hoped. He knew only a little more about Miraak than Frea had already told me. But he did say that the wizard Neloth might be able to help. That was the elf I met in Solstheim who wanted to watch the inhabitants there to see what they built and what happened when it finished.

According to Frea’s father, Neloth lives to the south and, as he said, in a mushroom house. A mushroom house! The mind boggles. So after getting supplies and preparing for the walk south, we left the village and trekked down the mountain. The further south we went, the stranger the landscape went. From pine trees and snow piles, to ash piles and mushrooms as tall as trees.

Huge mushrooms growing in Morrowind's ashy soil like trees.

We were nearing Neloth’s mushroom tower when we ran across another group of imprisoned people working to enslave an elemental stone. I shouted at the stone, and it fell to the ground, shattered. Then the lurkers came. Two of them. After finishing them off, I heard a familiar roar and looked up. A dragon.

On the plus side, at least Miraak didn’t reappear and steal the soul from me. That worries me, he must be busy not to appear so soon after I removed his power over two stones and killed a dragon. What could he be doing? After finishing off the dragon, we were attacked by three creatures that spawned from ash and dust. They used some sort of fire magic. We just couldn’t get a break. I am indebted to Borgahk. Without her to distract them, it would not have gone well. I was grateful to make it to Neloth’s mushroom home.

Unfortunately, after speaking to him. I learned that he wanted to immediately head to the Dwemer ruins to recover another Black Book. He claimed the one he already had would be of no use to me. I’m not sure he’s not just using me to further his research. Especially since he insisted on accompanying us rather than waiting for us to return. We convinced him to let us rest a day before heading out.Neloth's dwelling consists of three mushroom "homes" that are as tall as mountains.

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