Please hold while we access your life

I finally blew through my backlog of Skyrim posts which means I need to dedicate a day or so to playing and that day didn’t happen last week.

Last week instead I

  • Painted a bedroom Victorian Teal (awesome color!)
  • Worked on designing and creating fairy houses
  • Started playing FFVI on my computer
  • Got my new 4tb harddrive and transferred all my anime to it
  • Saw my first majorly successful Twitch raid (you had to be there)
  • Installed (but did not play) the Watcher
  • Started watching Attack on Titan
  • Went out to dinner with friends

Tonight I’m going to watch Guardians of the Universe so the delay will continue a bit more. But stay tuned. I will be getting back to Leona soon, and hopefully will be adding some more games in as well to tide us over during these “skyrim famines.”

Your two cents,

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