Carving not Building

Pig Jumping Competition
From Eva’s Derby Video

Back in February while I was waiting for Banished to be released, I started watching AKiss4Luck’s other playlists having exhausted her Banished videos. She has a lot of minecraft videos. While I’m not as obsessed as I was for the first two years I played (I began sometime around early winter 2009), it’s a familiar staple game and great to play while watching old TV shows.

I watched a lot of the original Dark Shadows while playing minecraft and at the time had been watching Netflix’s backlog of Columbo videos while playing. So when I started watching Kiss4Luck’s videos, I opened my latest vanilla game and started playing. Watching her build a magnificent castle, royal gardens, and all kind of wonderful buildings complete with stories of servant’s quarters and kitchens and private tucked away nooks, I got so jealous of the  awesomeness that I started my own castle.

As I worked (I had plenty of cobblestone) I came to realize something about how I play minecraft. I don’t build in minecraft. Looking back over the structures I’ve made in the past, I see numerous small towers, a cute jungle home, and of course plenty of mountain fortresses (check out my Wulf Girl home). My biggest “building” was a small town I created in creative that I someday hope to set my friends loose in and that giant floating companion cube that was a birthday preset for  friend – also done in creative. That’s the closest I’ve gotten to epic builds. I’m a carver by nature. My structures are deep underground maze-like libraries hidden below a tiny tower, deep mountain fortresses where you just see the tip of the building from the outside. All that cobblestone I was using for the castle came from an underground ravine city that I was carving out which ended up much more impressive that the castle ever did.

A few weeks back, back before Sims4 came out, I was invited to participate in AKiss4Luck’s server, something I had been looking forward too forever. To welcome us newcomers, the other server member created a huge Olympic park (Sooo impressive) where we did various competitions (Apparently I’m good a horse- and pig-back riding as I got Bronze for both those events – Watch the epic competition below!).

Then we were set loose in a biome of our choice to do…whatever. My biome is a bamboo forest (thanks to the Biomes O’Plenty mod) and my entrance portal was set near the village. If you’ve been wondering why no Skyrim, I’ll have to blame minecraft. I swear I haven’t given up on getting Leona to level 50 yet. I just can only handle one obsession at a time it seems.

So far I’ve built 2 things. A small welcome house around my portal so people didn’t die tragically as they tried to get home (it happened) and a tower rising above the bamboo. The rest has been carving out living spaces, farm pens, crop farms, a lovely smeltery (my personal favorite), and the underground mines.

Pictures and stories to come.

I’m playing on AKiss4Luck’s minecraft server: The District! Check out her YouTube videos at: or her Twitch Channel at:

Your two cents,

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