BHF 1: Meet the Family

Back when the demo was all you could play, I wanted to see how far you could stretch the create-a-sim. Turns out pretty far. I wanted the sister to be a boyish as possible and the brother to be as boyish as possible. The part of the game that let me down the most was the clothing options. There aren’t a lot of gender neutral stuff in the adult clothes choices.

Robin – Computer Wiz
Neat – Athletic – Cheerful
Tech Guru Career

Shannon – Big Happy Family
Neat – Family Oriented – Cheerful
Culinary Career

Shannon and Robin

It seemed too easy to play with two Sims so I quickly make two more. This time going for a more “traditional” look and clothing styles if only to play with the new clothes I could use in the full game.

Pat – Musical Genius
Neat – Romantic – Family Oriented
Entertainer Career

Ashley – Nerd Brain
Athletic – Loves Outdoors – Goofball
Secret Agent Career

Pat and Ashley

It’s a challenge building a house for 4 unmarried adults with only the starting Simoleons. None of the prebuilt houses will work since none of the affordable ones have four bedrooms. I was hoping that the two bother-sister pairs would pair off fairly quickly and I would get a proper living room area. My first house was basically a rectangle with four matching bedrooms in the middle, a kitchen/living area on one end and the bathroom on the other end. All belongings were of the cheapest materials and even then it was close at the end. I’m glad the first bills weren’t due until they’d all be at work for a while.

Simple Box House

This is actually a later version of the house after I fixed the bathroom, upgraded some of their belongings, converted one bedroom into a workout room, and put in the second story for the kids. Yes, there are most defiantly kids. Within a day or two they all picked their jobs. I picked jobs that seemed to match what they’d be doing for this first round. And for a couple weeks all went well, they went to work, skilled up, and did all the things. When they got enough money the first time I immediately change the single bathroom to two separate toilets and a shower – that way if one toilet broke they wouldn’t suffer. Perhaps my smartest decision.

What I am missing in this game is being able to tell if my Sims are attracted to one another. (I’m assuming the toddler DLC that I’m sure is coming will include that ability or if I’m super lucky, it’ll include the Sims2 “scope” room command. I loved that command for quickly finding who to pay attention to.) Pat is flirty so she was easier to push into Shannon’s arms and within two days they went from “friends” to romantic partners and the first baby was on the way.

I’d say it was a shotgun wedding.

Wedding Day

Baby 1


    • Glad to hear it! I figured since I was making up the stories as I played, I should try sharing in case anyone else would be interested. I like watching others play games and while this isn’t a video, it’s kind of the same… I hope.


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