Welcome to Takenoko

Takenoko was a small village deep in the heart of an unnamed bamboo forest. It’s villagers were simple folks, tending to their farms and animals. They built small and kept their needs simple, probably no more than 50 villagers ever lived in Takenoko, but they had everything they needed. That is until disaster struck.

Takenoko VillageEarthquakes had never been common, but they had occurred with some regularity throughout the years so it wasn’t unusual for the villager to be woken by rumblings. This earthquake however, was much bigger much more dangerous. Some books were knocked from shelves and some buildings collapsed, but the damage to the village overall was minimal. Just outside the village however, the earthquake tore a huge rift into the land just outside Takenoko. And from that rift, the hordes arrives.

Zombies, skeleton archers, and witches were released from their underground lairs and set out across the land. Despite their sunlight allergies, within a few years these monsters devastated the village. Any villagers that were left, fled.

When the portal was activated, the first explorers soon realized that the hills surrounding the portal were not natural. A little digging exposed the old houses and relics left by the original villagers. Although the land was now far too dangerous to dwell above-ground as the people of Takenoko had, the people set to work to understand these early pioneers.Hordes

A memorial village was built up out of the crumbled remains. Scholars pieced together fragments of books to learn the story of who had previously lived there, how they had lived, and what they looked like. Today people can come from far and wide to experience what life was like back then. Although the recovery work is ongoing, there’s already a welcome center built to orient scholars and  travelers alike and several buildings have been fully rebuilt.

I’m playing on AKiss4Luck’s minecraft server: The District! Check out her YouTube videos at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaGoAHvrlMPxCX6kHh5V9fQ or her Twitch Channel at:  http://www.twitch.tv/akiss4luck.

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