Cube emits a blue light as it powers the dwemer pumps.

3Pt 6: Dwemer Plumbers

“In which Leona, with the help of Neloth, become experts in Dwemer plumbing and steam engines.”

Looking back at the land from the ruins, two sentinels stand broken on the bridge.

The next morning the three of us headed back down the coast to the Dwemer ruins. I remember passing them by on our way to the mushroom house. Two broken sentinels watched the pathway and despite my previous experiences with working Dwemer mechanisms, theydidn’t come to life in a flurry of mechanical sparks and kill us all. The bandits that had taken up shop just outside the ruins gave up a bit more trouble. But Neloth said that he’d sealed the door the last time he’d been by so they were only camped outside.

The entire ruin is mostly-sunk into the ocean, with only the top level showing. Neloth has this blue cube that powers doors and mechanisms and would open the ruin for us. A bit convenient that, you can tell he’s been in these ruins many times before. And just inside the door was the object of our desire, the black book. It was sealed behind a panel on the floor. I was all in favor of breaking through the stone to get at it, but Neloth claimed that if we powered the room, it would open automatically. I decided to give his idea a try.

Cube emits a blue light as it powers the dwemer pumps.

Using the one power cube Neloth had we were able to get through the doors and other locks that would have barred us until we came to a huge chamber filled with water, and of course semi-working Dwemer clockwork that needed to be defeated. Neloth used lightening to stop the beasts, but I made sure to go around to each broken mechanism and remove the bits that powered them. Otherwise, I was certain they’d spring back to life with little effort. That seemed most likely as Neloth had clearly been here before and yet the guardians were still in working order.

Pumping the water out of the levels with the power cubes that we were gathering, we descended deeper and deeper into the dwemer city. Eventually we had the four cubes that Neloth claimed would power the steam engines to the book room upstairs. Once it was powered, he was certain he could release the book. Sure enough the steam powered the room, and when we flipped the lever top-side, light shone down on the floor panels and the book rose up from it’s encasement.

The book lies on it's pedestal, now freed from the floor.

I do not trust Neloth. First off, he’s too curious in Meraak’s power and the black books, I kept waiting for him to renege on his promise to help and take off with the book, but to my surprise that didn’t happen. He even requested that I read the book. Later I learned that was more because he was curious of what I would experience than curious about the book. He was quite disappointed I didn’t go mad in there.

Just like the last book, tentacles reached out and sucked me into a land of nightmares.

Leona hold the book as the lights around her go green and she is sucked into another realm.

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