Leona in Hermaeus' land, looking a little less carefree than she has in the past.

3Pt 7: Bargaining for Knowledge

“In which Leona encounters nightmares on her search for knowledge and makes a bargain with a god.”

Books with writhing letters are scattered throughout the land and used to travel deeper into Hermaeus' lands.

This realm was a little more empty than the last, with huge petal structures that transported me though the flying books and pages and past the tentacle filled ooze. Each time my journey stopped at a book and each time I looked at the every changing words on the book, I delved deeper into that mad, eldritch land.

The land was not empty of course, there were several of those huge lurking beasts that I fought near the elemental stones and several more psionic creatures that could disappear at will. They were plentiful in this hell, seeking me out at every turn, disappearing only to reappear behind me and blast me with psionic powers. I swear whenever I attacked one two appeared to fight me.

A huge foreboding structure that houses the knowledge Leona seeks.

At the top of the dark flower like structure was a huge book. The wisdom that I’d come here to get. I need the words of power that Meraak knows if I am to defeat him. But when I looked onto the pages crawling with words, instead of knowledge, I found nightmare.

Hermaeus Mora, the “gardener of Man” as he claimed, appeared before me with his hundreds of ever-blinking eyes. He is the guardian of knowledge and this was his realm. I wanted to explain that I only wished to defeat Miraak, but the god was certain I wished to possess the power to change the world as Miraak has. He gave me the second word of power. The word to control men and promised me the third and final word. But at a price.

The multi-eyed creature known as Hermaeus gives Leona the word of power to bend men to her will.

The price for knowledge, he said was knowledge. Hermaeus desires to know what secrets the Skaal have been keeping from him. In exchange for that knowledge to be added to his library, he’ll give me the third word and with I’ll have the ability to defeat Miraak.

Neloth scoffed at this “bargain” as he put it when I returned and related my journey to him. His disappointment that I was not mad was palatable. He figures that Hermaeus prides himself on knowing everything, and just because the Skaal have some secret from him doesn’t make it valuable. I’m not certain about that. I fear the secret they have has to do with the elemental stones that Miraak is abusing and that perhaps this god shouldn’t gain that knowledge. Although what would he do with the knowledge once it was in his library? The gods are rarely interested in meddling in our affairs, at least not the world domination-type that Miraak is after. But if he wants to use this power to take over the world. I’ll have to stop him as sure as I stop Miraak.

Leona in Hermaeus' land, looking a little less carefree than she has in the past.

Neloth returned to his tower to look for more black books. Quite exhausted from our adventures, Borgakh and I returned to Solstheim where we found creatures made from ash attacking the gates.

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