Showing all 8 members of the household

So now with 8 Sims in the house I’ve got to start being selective about who I’m managing. Normally I tend to over-manage my sims, but with 8 unless I hit the pause every four seconds, it’s impossible. So each day I tend to concentrate on just one sim.

Robin at her desk playing the sports game.
Robin got a new computer in hopes that the lag would help her competitions. So far no good.

Both Shannon and Robin have reached the top of their careers – or rather Robin would have if restarting the game hadn’t reset her and she has to wait 3 days to return to work and get promoted a second time. Ah bugs. She’s still working on winning tournaments, but it’s not going quickly.

Shannon stands with drink shaker in hand.
Shannon always picks mixology to practice when I’m not in charge.

Shannon’s lifetime goal has more to do with his children doing well, so by concentrating on others, I can normally work on him at the same time. Just this morning, little Brennen/Brian reached the top of the kids social skill (not a day too soon).

Ashley sits down to repair Robin's old computer.
Ashley would get more work done on his own aspirations if things just stopped breaking.

Ashley and Pat are both working on their careers as well as their aspirations. Ashley finally got that rocket he’d been wanting and is attempting to build it in his spare time. Pat continues to encounter the musician bugs, but I’m getting better at remembering to check on her when she’s composing. She’s finally almost leveled up her piano skills.

Pat in all pink practicing her guitar.
Since Pat works in the afternoons, she spends most mornings playing the guitar.
Roger at the dining room table, working on his homework.
Roger studies at the dining room table. The very next day, he achieved his A.

Roger managed to get his high school A (much to Shannon’s delight) and I’ve identified the person I think he’s going to date once their ages reach parity. Sadly I can’t really tell when a sim is interested in the other, so I’m just going to play a heavy handed god and he’ll go date another sim I created (guaranteed not to age up until he’s older!) I’ll move him into her house when he’s an adult which will make more room for future kids. One of these days he’ll need to start writing again.

A very skinny Edward boxes in the gym.
Edward went the gym one day and practiced his boxing, he’s still super skinny.

I spent an evening with Edward working on his muscle building aspirations, since he doesn’t need an A in school, he’ll be a straight B student. Just a few more hours jogging and he’ll be up to level 3/4 for his aspiration. Elizabeth hasn’t had much love and attention yet so she’s still working on her first level of nerd-dom. But she’s a bit more diligent about school. I’m hoping to get another A student out of her since that’s something she’d work towards.

Elizabeth kneels in the grass, homework in hand.
I came back to Elizabeth one time and found her studying outside.

Edward’s birthday will be after he gets out of school today so he pulled an all-nighter (thanks to the sleep potion) and chatted with the giant stuffed dragon leveling up his social skills while everyone else slept.

Every seat in the living room is filled with folks for Brennen to talk to.
Brennen is trying his best to talk to the entire family at once to get his skills leveled up.

I recently went through all the sims and used up their aspiration points to help them level up faster or gain traits that will help them in their future careers. Gym rat for Edward, Morning Sim for Elizabeth, Creative Visionary for Roger. I don’t have a high expectation of my first generation making their lifetime goals (I am trying, honest), but I hope the second generation can.

I’m planning to have Elizabeth and Edward stay in the house since they’re twins, but I haven’t identified partner’s for them yet, so we’ll have to wait and see what the third generation will look like.