Leona and Borgakh WALK back to town.

3Pt 8: The Undead General

In which Leona cleans house and goes for a long, long walk.

The city was under attack when we returned by those ash-creatures that had emerged from the ash-soil after the dragon attack. We helped the Redoran guards drive them off and then talked to the captain. Captain Veleth said the Ash-spawn seemed to be coming from a fort just North from where we’d come, and the attacks were getting worse each day. A letter found in the charred remains of one of the ash spawned creatures claimed that General Falx was mounting an attack on the town.


The catch was that General Falx has been dead these past 200 years. We agreed to help discover what was going on and after resting and resupplying we headed back out Fort Frostmoth where General Falx was said to be. The keep was in ruins filled with only ash spawn and memories of a time before the red mountain had buried this part of Morrowind in ash.

The general lies on the sand, a red stone in his chest.

Someone had decided for revenge to use a heart stone to bring the General back to life, but she’d been unable to control him. Insane and crazed he must have determined that those in the city were invaders. The Commander was saddened to hear of this turn of events as the General is a great hero in these parts, but relieved that the Ash-spawn were no longer attacking.

He then asked us if we could help uncover a mystery of who was plotting to kill Councilor Morvayn. Apparently there was this family feud going on between the counselor and a family from a neighboring town. But everyone in the town was known and the perpetrators were too skillful to be caught red-handed. I snuck into their house one night and found the needed evidence from under their noses. When I showed it to the counselor, he agreed to send guards with us to root out the small attack force they were mounting nearby. The place was filled with spike traps, but it didn’t take too long.

Leona and Borgakh WALK back to town.

Unfortunately when a dragon attacked nearby, Borgakh and I were forced to walked slowly back to the town lugging the heavy dragon bones and scales. It took us twice as long as a mirage of the town appeared before us tauntingly close only to disappear (game crashed) and we realized we’d only traveled half the distance. On the plus side we were given the house of the displaced Severin family so we finally had a place to store all those bones and ores.

This stone is down the mountain near the water's edge.

I did catch another sight of Miraak. Just North of the city was another elemental stone and just as had happened the first time after we defeated the Lurker summoned by my shout, a dragon appeared. When we defeated the dragon, Miraak appeared again to steal the soul from me. Tomorrow, we’re heading back to the Skaal to see what they think of Hermaeus Mora’s “bargin” of knowledge for knowledge. And I hope Neloth has good news for us when we return. I need that last shout so I can defeat him and to get that I need to get back to Hermaeus’s realm and convince him to help me even if I don’t have the Skaal’s backing.

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