Ashley works on his steampunk rocket in  the backyard.
It takes time, patience, and precision to build a spaceship. That, and 6000 simoleons.

So Ashley finally got around to buying a steampunk rocket (5000) and building it took him two or three half- days of pretty solid effort. But at last it was complete and he was ready to go into space.

Ashley stands on the steps to his spaceship look back a the world.
“I may never return!” said Ashley as he waved goodbye to the planet.

His requirement was 5 space flights or upgrades to advance to the next and final level of his Nerd aspiration. His first flight was less than ideal – he got space sick and in his delirium he thought he was running out of oxygen and then gathered a bunch of space junk. The next day he went up again since he was still three days away from going back to work. This time he captured an alien specimen. Wouldn’t be awesome if he could meet real aliens and get pregnant in a future DLC? Instead he brought back a green slug.

Rocket launching from the backyard.
I really liked the take off animations for the spaceship and took tons of pictures.

Ashley then decided it was time to upgrade his rocket. He upgraded the fuel tanks thinking this might make future missions last longer. I can’t say if it did. The next mission ended abruptly when he refused to open a derelict spaceship and instead just mined the outside for parts. There was no next stage to that mission just go up and then come down. His last mission was to the moon but since he hadn’t upgraded the landing equipment he just flew around it staring at the moon and came back down. I think he flew around it for quite a while, but no other story popups appeared so it was uneventful.

Although the next day, while Ashley was at work, the rocket got another quick trip to space and back.

Shannon and Pat approach the ship.
Shannon and Pat explore the new ship in the backyard.
Hearts spew from the exhaust during takeoff.
Pat and Shannon emerge from the ship hearts float everywhere.
Back down again